Guide to Dillard's Wedding Registry


A Dillards wedding registry offers many benefits. The franchise features more than 300 store locations, each displaying a wide array of products. A couple can easily find everything they need to fill their homes with stylish décor and practical items at this popular department store.

Dillards Wedding Registry Details

Couples can easily start bridal registries with Dillards by visiting one of the store locations. Some may prefer to visit the online registry if they don't live in one of the 29 states that have store locations.


Dillards offers registry advice from seasoned consultants who can work directly with customers in store locations. Online guidance is available as well. Couples can easily navigate the store with the support of consultants or they can visit the readily accessible online gift registry site.

The registry creates a purchase report that includes:

  • Purchasers' names
  • Item purchased
  • Quantity
  • Date purchase was made

Gift Announcement Cards

Dillards offers "gift announcement cards" for special orders that may take a long time to deliver. The couple is notified that the wedding gift is on the way.

Gift announcement cards and purchase reports are wonderful tools for helping couples create perfect wedding thank you notes. Every detail about the purchase is readily available as a guide for an added personal touch.

In-Store Registries

Those registering in store may want to make an appointment. Simply call any store that has a Wedding Registry Desk to set up a time to speak with a professional consultant. This is not a necessary step in the registry process, but the store recommends an appointment to ensure the consultant's availability.


Guests can make purchases online, in stores, and via telephone. The registry remains active for up to 18 months after the wedding date. After the wedding, newlyweds can purchase items that are still on the registry at a discount.

The discount option starts 60 days after the wedding and couples have up to two months to make discounted purchases from their registries. A standard discount of 20 percent applies to most gifts. Some items, including furniture and furniture accessories, feature a 10 percent discount.

The store offers a decent return policy. Couples may return items in exchange for other items or gift cards.

The Dillards wedding registry is easy and convenient for many couples, making it a popular choice for newlyweds-to-be.

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Guide to Dillard's Wedding Registry