Different Wedding Cakes

Make your cake different with unique decorations.

Many couples want a different type of wedding cake design. This is one way to ensure a memorable celebration and express the personalities of the wedding couple.

Dare to be Different

The typical wedding cake - and still the most popular design - is a multi-layered vanilla or chocolate sponge cake decorated with some variation of white icing, flowers, and other detailed accents. While this type of classic cake appeals to many couples, brides- and grooms-to-be who are interested in something different have many options to personalize their cake for the ultimate in "I do" desserts. Daring to be different with a wedding cake can make the dessert stand out as much as the union it is celebrating.

Ideas for Different Wedding Cakes

From the design and decoration to the flavors, accents, and other cake details, there are many ways a couple can make their dream cake truly one-of-a-kind.


While the most common cake flavors may be vanilla, chocolate, and marble, there are many more unique options couples can choose from to create a decadent gourmet dessert, such as:

  • Seasonal Flavors: Strawberry fillings for spring weddings, apple spice caramel cakes for fall weddings, and red velvet cakes for holiday celebrations are just a few delicious seasonal options.
  • Sophisticated Tastes: Liqueur fillings, rich dark chocolate, ganaches, and mousses are elegant options perfect for a formal affair.
  • Ice Cream Cakes: There is no better whimsical cake for a summer celebration than a delicious ice cream cake.
  • Multiple Flavors: Instead of one flavor for the entire cake, many couples choose different flavors for every tier to offer guests a more unique treat.
  • Fruits and Nuts: Chocolate and orange cream, vanilla mousse with macadamia nuts, rich raspberry and blueberry puree, almond slivers, and peach whip icing are just a few exotic options available for couples interested in stretching the taste buds.


How a cake is decorated can instantly set it apart. Cascading flowers, a romantic bride and groom topper, icing roses, and pearls are all lovely decorations, though they are somewhat predictable. For more unique decorations, couples could consider:

  • Color: Instead of a white cake accented with flowers that match the bridal party colors, opt to have the cake itself iced in the main color and accented with white. Another colorful twist is for a white iced cake to be tinted inside, particularly with an unusual shade such as a deep navy blue or plum purple.
  • Embellishments: Instead of flowers and lace, different wedding cakes may be decorated with colorful gradients, the couple's monograms, photos, phrases from romantic poetry, or a unique wedding cake topper.
  • Shape: The very shape of a cake can be a unique characteristic of its design. Round and square wedding cakes are the most popular, but why not opt for hexagonal tiers? A cake could even be a completely unusual shape such as crafted to look like a castle for a fairy tale wedding theme, or an elaborate tropical island or shell shape for a beach wedding.


The size of most wedding cakes is very similar - typically between two and five graduated tiers. Couples can be different, however, by choosing single tier cakes or using false tiers to create a grandiose cake with a dozen or more tiers. Size can also be enhanced by how the cake is arranged: choosing a unique wedding cake stand gives a cake a much more unusual appearance.


Most couples only cut a single slice of cake to share with one another for the ubiquitous "first bite" photo opportunity. A couple that knows how to cut a wedding cake, however, can make that event more meaningful by cutting the entire cake themselves and personally greeting all their guests as they share the dessert. Serving the cake can also be made into a more unique event by incorporating good luck charms for the bridesmaids to pull from the cake or by serving symbolic slices to the new in-laws and other special guests.


The most different cakes of all aren't even cakes. Instead, couples can choose any elaborate dessert to represent the sweetness of their union. Some treats can be stacked and arranged in configurations similar to traditional cakes, while others will be presented in even more unique ways. Creative non-cake options include:

  • Donuts, snack cakes, cupcakes, or other individual treats
  • Small pies or tarts
  • Layers of fresh fruit with appropriate fondue dips
  • A fountain of chocolate or cream for dipping assorted bite-size treats
  • Truffles or other candies
  • An ice sculpture cake instead of a real dessert
  • A cake fashioned from rolls or other breads as part of a buffet

Creating a Different Cake

If a couple is interested in a different type of cake, they need to find a baker willing to experiment with unusual designs, flavors, and other requests. Most specialty wedding cake bakeries are willing to work with couples to make their fantasy cake a tasty reality. To ensure a beautiful and delicious cake, however, a couple should arrange a tasting session of the bakery's specialties as well as view a portfolio of their more unique designs to see what experience the bakery may have with similar styles and outrageous options.Couples should also note that a more unique cake will likely have a higher price for the extra labor and experimentation necessary to make it a suitable dessert.

Different wedding cakes can be decadent desserts, and there are many ways for a couple to create a unique treat for their celebration and their guests. From unusual shapes to unique flavors to non-cakes, there are many ways to taste the sweetness of a new marriage with that first bite of cake.

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