Different Ideas for What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Couple wearing informal clothes to a spring wedding

Deciding what to wear to a spring wedding is easy when you explore different style ideas. A few wedding fashion tips can help you narrow the many color and design choices available.

Mix and Match Spring Wedding Separates

A spring wedding poses the same outfitting issues as what to wear to a wedding in September. Like early fall, spring often has cool period and warm period, but with an additional attire problem-rain showers. Combine this with several invitations in the same couple of months, and you will find yourself with a seemingly empty wardrobe.

Luckily, you can revamp your closet and your spring wedding outfit prospects with just a few ideas. Mix and match separates are a great idea for everyone in the family.


For most women, spring weddings mean spring dresses. Even though a dress is an outfit in and of itself, adding different accessories will create a new style each time it is worn. Consider the following dress ideas:

  • Pairing it with a jacket, cardigan or shawl
  • Adding a skinny or wide belt in coordinating colors or metallics
  • Changing the jewelry worn with the outfit
  • Wearing different shoes with a different purse
  • Wearing a noticeably different hairstyle

Separate skirts and tops are an excellent way to dress for spring. Patterned skirts pair well with plain colored tops. For cooler spring weather, wear a long sleeve button down shirt with hosiery and a skirt; in warmer weather, a sequined tank will look lovely with the same skirt. With mix and match pieces, you can adjust to the seasonal weather changes as necessary.


Men have a lot of spring clothing options for mix and match dressing at a spring wedding. One of the most versatile pieces is a cotton sport coat. Wear this coat with black dress paints, a button down shirt, and a tie for a formal spring wedding, or with a lightweight polo shirt and khaki pants at a casual outdoor affair.

Simple suits in classic colors also offer men the ability to change their look with just their shirt and tie. Pastel colors or even a brightly colored shirts and ties are excellent choices for spring wedding attire.


Boy in a spring suit and girl in spring dress

Children at weddings should wear clothing that is appropriate for the occasion, but is also comfortable. Selections in the Easter clothes for boys area of a department store are often excellent choices for wedding attire in the spring. Vests, shirts, and khaki pants all easily mix and match with one another for a number of different outfits.

Like women, girls often have a range of choices when it comes to spring dresses. Similar matching options, like cardigans or hats, will add charm to a young girl's wedding outfit.

More Different Ideas for What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Though finding different ideas for what to wear to a spring wedding poses a bit of a wardrobe challenge, it is possible to come up with several choices for the upcoming nuptials in your schedule. For people with a lot of wedding invitations, it is best to try on several outfits and plan your attire in advance. Write down your clothing choices on a piece of paper and place it next to the invitations. This way, you avoid wearing the exact same outfit twice and have less to think about when you are trying to arrive at the wedding on time.

Like other wedding fashion conundrums, spring wedding attire has its own dos and don'ts. Keep these hints in mind when dressing for a spring wedding:

  • Boys' white pants are always popular, but may look dirty quickly at a wedding in any season, let alone one known for its rain and mud. Don't wear an all-white dress if you are a female guest.
  • One spring clothing trend that has stood the test of time is that of dressing preppy in men's, women's, and children's fashions. Incorporate pretty looks into your wardrobe with pastels, plaids, polos, and even bowties. Pretty styles are definitely a do.
  • Unless you are attending a religiously conservative wedding ceremony, don't dress in church suits if you are a woman. Instead of looking festive, you may end up looking frumpy.

Finally, remember the best idea for any wedding guest outfit is that you are comfortable wearing it. Lightweight spring fabrics and colorful pieces will help you look your best at any spring wedding.

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Different Ideas for What to Wear to a Spring Wedding