Dennis Rodman in a Wedding Dress

Dennis Rodman as a Bride in Rockefeller Center

Dennis Rodman, the flamboyant basketball star of the NBA, wore a wedding dress and become one of the more notable fashion statements. His wedding dress incident shocked the media and his fans.

Catch Dennis Rodman in a Wedding Dress

Dennis Rodman throws the public more than a bone on a regular basis, thanks to his eclectic behavior and unusual fashion sense. While not nearly as front and center in the spotlight now as he has been in the past, Rodman has gone down in history as an athlete who doesn't only cease to care what others think about him, but he leaves them stumped.

Rodman's Wedding Dress Publicity Stunt

One of the most recognized incidents involving Rodman's taste in apparel was a publicity stunt in the late 1990s where he showed up in a New York bookstore wearing a bridal gown.

Did Dennis Rodman Marry Himself?

So why exactly did the media get the chance to catch Dennis Rodman in a wedding dress? It seems it may have been part of the promotional tour for his autobiography Bad As I Wanna Be. During the tour, Rodman bragged about how he was soon to be marrying a beautiful and intelligent woman. Shortly thereafter he showed up at the bookstore in a horse-drawn carriage, wearing the infamous wedding dress and declaring he was about to marry himself.

Cross Dressing

While this incident has become memorable for the NBA star, who was formerly a player for the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers, it was really just one of many cross dressing stints during Rodman's glory days. View the article on Rodman's stunt in New York Times to grab a peek at a closeup of the stunt.

Back to a Bride

In 2003, Rodman wore white once again, this time for the summer issue of BRIDE'S wedding magazine. Anyone loving the idea of a full-page photo of a man clad in bridal wear hopefully got a copy of this issue back when it was sold on newsstands, as it is difficult to find.

Gown Image Part of Ad Campaign

Before you begin to question the judgment of one of the nation's most popular and mainstream bridal magazines, it's important to note the photograph, which also appeared in Cosmopolitan, was the result of a Trivial Pursuit ad campaign. Rodman was being recognized as an official trivia question in the famous game's 20th anniversary addition, and the newest bridal gown romp was part of its promotion.

Roman Amused by Attention

Rodman himself seemed to be more than slightly amused that one of his biggest career achievements included being the subject of a trivia question. In turn, his loopy legacy will live on as new generations learn about Rodman through not only basketball history sites, but also by digging through their parents' game closet on a rainy day.

Other Rodman Shockers

Outside of being a beautiful bride, Dennis Rodman has been guilty of some other media shockers. These include a 10-day marriage to actress Carmen Electra, ditching a Chicago Bulls training session to wrestle Hulk Hogan, and continually being involved in legal spats related to both on and off the court incidents.

Following his both vibrant and troublesome NBA career, Rodman had a stint in Hollywood, acting in a few forgettable films, and then enjoyed a few famous visits to Finland where he played basketball and attended a wife-carrying contest in 2005.

Not Your Typical Bride

Dennis Rodman in a wedding dress may not be the same type of bridal fashion that most brides hope to emulate on their big day, but it can certainly inspire both men and women to be unforgettable. Be inspired and dare to get your dream wedding gown.

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Dennis Rodman in a Wedding Dress