Dallas Cowboys Groom's Cake

Piping icing on a Dallas Cowboys groom's cake

Surprise your football fanatic husband-to-be with a creative groom's cake ideas and bake him a Dallas Cowboys grooms cake.

Designing a Football Cake

A football themed groom's cake has a lot of design options. The amount of people the cake will feed and your budget will help dictate the final design. After all, a small 3-D football cake will not feed as many people as a large tiered cake, and a simpler design is often cheaper. The cake can be served at either the wedding rehearsal dinner or at the reception, alongside the wedding cake.

Speak with your baker about coming up with a design for the cake. He or she may have photographs of other football cakes that can be made to reflect the Dallas Cowboys theme. You may also be able to work directly with the baker to design a custom cake for your fiancé.

Start by deciding whether you want a sheet cake, shaped cake, or 3-D cake. For brides with a lot of people to serve, a scaled-down tiered cake may also be an option. Then figure out what kind of design you would like done on the cake. Popular design elements include:

  • Football shapes
  • Silver stars
  • Helmets
  • Texas state shape
  • Football jersey shapes
  • Team towel shapes
  • Stadium shapes
  • Football fields
  • Cowboys players

One or more of these elements can be used to help create a Dallas Cowboys groom's cake, often presenting you with several options to choose from. A 3-D stadium cake would be great in fondant and with gumpaste and chocolate figures; however, you can make a stadium on a sheet cake, too. Talk over the options with your baker to come to a final decision.

Make Your Own Dallas Cowboys Grooms Cake

Brides on a budget might want to make the groom's cake themselves. One way to make this cake extra special is to speak with the mother of the groom and get that special recipe for making his childhood favorite cake. In fact, she may even offer to help make it.

Investing in a shaped pan is one way to make decorating the cake a breeze. Simply follow along the indentations in the cake to create the design in frosting. Instructions are often included for novelty pans, making the process even easier. A few modifications, such as using blue and silver frosting, will make any football cake into a Dallas Cowboys NFL team cake. These shaped pans would work excellently for making a sports themed groom's cake:

Brides who are not as handy with frosting can still create a Dallas Cowboys grooms cake. Two easy cakes to make are kit cakes and jersey cakes.

Football Kit Cakes

Football Cake Toppers from Amazon
Create a football field sheet cake

Cake decorating kits can be found at specialty baking stores, hobby stores, and online. All you have to do is frost the cake in the appropriate color and add the figurines to the top. Cheap football kits often include players and goalposts, requiring you to frost the cake in green and write "Cowboys" in blue in the end zones.

You could also use a Cowboys cake topper on a simple round cake frosted in blue. Write "Go Cowboys" around the side, tracing stencil letters with a toothpick for more accuracy if needed.

Jersey Cakes

With a little practice, you can make a football jersey cake without any investment in a special pan and few decorating skills. Follow these steps:

  1. Bake a rectangular cake and a smaller square cake.
  2. After cooling 15 minutes, take cakes out of pan.
  3. Finish cooling.
  4. Cut the square cake into fourths. Discard two of the fourths (or save for a snack!).
  5. Using your choice of frosting, attach two of the fourths to each side of an end of the rectangular cake, forming a "T" shape.
  6. At the top center of the T shape, use a glass to section off a neckline. Shape with a knife if needed.
  7. Frost the cake in blue frosting.
  8. Trace large numbers and your fiancés last name onto the jersey.
  9. Pipe white and silver icing around the numbers and name.

A few trial runs can help make your final cake experience go smoothly. As you grow more confident in your decorating skills, you can add more elements to the final design, such as silver or gray colored stars.

Inspirational Cowboys Cakes

A Dallas Cowboys groom's cake will make any football fan smile on his wedding day. Get inspired by checking out these cakes:

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