Claret Red Wedding Napkins

Wedding napkins in claret red, yellow and white

Selecting claret red napkins for a wedding may not be easy since there is an astounding range of reds available. According to, claret is defined as a "dark or grayish purplish red to dark purplish pink." When the very definition for claret red gives a wide range of colors, you know it's vital to make sure you choose the right color for your wedding reception. Follow a few tips to save time and ensure you find the perfect claret red napkins.

Matching Your Napkins

The reason you have such vast options when it comes to picking out a red napkin is because there are so many variations on the color. Cherry red, wine red, blood red, claret red, ruby red, crimson red, berry red, and scarlet all have subtle differences. If you happen to pick the wrong version of red, it can even clash with your other red reception decorations.

As mentioned above, claret itself can range in actual color from a deep purple red to a purplish-pink. To make sure you get a match of colors, take a sample of the version of claret red that you want your wedding napkins to be done in. This sample often will come from a scrap of bridesmaid dress material or a specific flower you plan to use in your bouquet.

If you have not decided what tone of claret you want for your wedding, decorator's paint chips can also help clarify the situation. Easily portable, you can carry several chips in your purse or wallet to use when matching dresses, shoes, decorations, napkins, and other accessories.

Cloth napkins, frequently used for sit-down formally served dinners and fancy buffets, can often be dyed to match whatever sample you bring in if getting claret red is that important to you. However, this means you most likely will be buying them as well. Consider getting them monogrammed and using them in your new home together after the wedding.

Buying Claret Red Wedding Napkins

Before you purchase a large quantity of wedding napkins, you want to be sure the color is spot on. Looking at colors over a website or printed in a book can distort them and be less than true to living color. Therefore, you may want to request that you see a sample before placing a large order. Another idea is to place a small order for a wedding shower or engagement party before the big day in order to check the color.

You can buy claret red napkins or have a design or wording imprinted onto the napkins in claret red. An imprint in claret red would look nice on white, cream, champagne, gold, gray, or silver colored napkins.

Find claret red wedding napkins at these retailers:

In addition to checking wedding boutiques and retailers, you can check with a local party supply store or graphics design studio to get your claret red wedding napkins.

Alternative Color Ideas

Should you not be able to find the perfect match of claret red, you can do several things. First of all, remember that while it may seem stressful at the moment, in the big picture, it is minor. Second, you must decide what you want to do. Several options are available:

  • You can choose several complementary reds in wedding napkins and splay them out together. This will eliminate any obvious difference in red color, as they all blend together.
  • Choosing to make your napkins an accent color works nicely as well. A gold or silver napkin will pop against a claret red tablecloth.
  • Black and white napkins are a classic color combination for weddings. They will flatter the claret colors throughout your other decorations.
  • Reds have been a popular choice of wedding color for years. Pick out a claret red color for a unique twist on the trend and get your napkins, accessories, and decorations in the striking color.

Claret red is a stunning choice for wedding decorations, and choosing napkins to match can help coordinate all the details of your reception into a beautiful palette that will be distinctive and memorable.

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