Christmas Wedding Invitations

Make Christmas wedding invites yourself.
Make Christmas wedding invites yourself.

Wedding invitations specifically for the Christmas season set the tone for your merry nuptials. Whether you live in the sunny South or the chilly North, let your guests know about your Christmas wedding plans with a beautiful holiday-themed invitation.

Holiday Invite Graphics and Design

Invitations for a Christmas themed wedding range from whimsical designs to elegant and simple images.

Christmas Image Examples

Like other wedding invitation cards, you should choose a design that reflects both the formality of the wedding and your personality as a couple. Examples of graphics you might use include:

  • Snowmen and snowflakes
  • Children sledding
  • Horse with sleigh
  • Bells, both wedding and jingle
  • Snow-covered church
  • Christmas trees, wreaths or stockings
  • Poinsettia flowers in a Christmas wedding bouquet

Another inspiration for images to use on your invitation is to look at your Christmas wedding decorations. If you plan to use many red velvet bows, consider making do it yourself wedding invitations with small red velvet bows at the top. For a sophisticated looking invitation, try adding a simple charm in the shape of a wreath, tree, or candy cane tied to the top. Use gold or silver ink or lined envelopes for added elegance.

Formal and Informal Holiday Graphics

Couples who are planning a formal wedding will want to stick with simple images, like an embossed image of a wreath in the corner of the invitation or around the wedding invitation verse. Die-cut invitations are popular for birthday parties and other winter party themes, but you might want to consider skipping an invite shaped like a Christmas tree or stocking in lieu of a more traditional rectangular, square, or slim invitation.

Informal weddings, on the other hand, can use whimsical images, such as Santa, or shaped invites. Couples planning an informal beach wedding might even play off a tropical holiday wedding theme, with palm trees and Christmas lights as the graphics on the invite.

Color Schemes for Christmas Wedding Invitations

Though red and green colors are the traditional Christmas combination, you can branch out with your holiday wedding invitation colors. Use metallic or foil fonts and papers during the holiday season for some extra flash. Consider these color combinations for your Christmas invites:

  • Silver foil on dark red invitations
  • Gold embossed images on forest green invites
  • Iridescent blue wording on bright white invitations
  • Deep green calligraphy on ivory invitations, with a stripe of green metallic paper at the top

Whatever color scheme you choose, remember that it works best to use a combination of a darker color with a lighter or brighter one. For example, choosing a bright red invitation with an evergreen wedding font might be hard to read. However, you will be able to easily read bright green foil lettering on a black invitation.

A Christmas themed wedding invitation can also use classic black and white. This combination is perfect for any time of the year and is especially appropriate for a formal or semi-formal wedding. For a contemporary look, try printing the words and graphics in white on black invitation paper. Add a pop of red or green with one simple design element, like a ribbon around the outside of a folded invite or as a line underneath the verse on the front of the invite.

Christmas Invitation Wording

The wording for Christmas wedding invitations is up to the couple. You may prefer to go with standard wedding invitation wording and let the colors, graphic design, and wedding date speak for themselves. Alternatively, you might also want to come up with a short wedding invitation phrase that includes the Christmas theme. Regardless of your wording choice, be sure you follow proper wedding invitation etiquette. Though the holidays are a busy time of year for many, it is not time to forget traditional manners and customs.

Getting married during the Christmas season makes a wedding more special for couples who love the holidays. Choose a wedding invitation that reflects this time of year and share this special occasion with family and friends.

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