Christmas Themed Wedding Cake Topper Couple

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Bride and Groom Topper in Christmas Theme
Bride and Groom Cake Topper in Christmas Theme

Nothing completes the look of a holiday themed wedding better than a Christmas wedding couple cake topper. While snowflakes, Santas, and reindeer may be fun on a simple Christmas cake, you want figurines to represent the bride and groom atop your wedding cake. Using a wedding cake topper featuring the couple makes the cake more wedding than holiday but allows you to still incorporate the Christmas theme.

Traditional Christmas Couples

Traditional cake toppers often feature the bride and groom looking lovingly into their new spouse's eyes, kissing, or taking vows. These kinds of toppers can be found with a hint of Christmas to them.

Traditional couples for Christmas themed wedding cake toppers include:

  • Bride & Groom Ornament-This small ornament featuring a bride and groom embracing is meant for your holiday tree, but could sit atop individual cakes or a small tiered cake.
  • Snowflakes King & Queen Cake Top-A snowflake accents the bride and groom in three different designs. Choose from two variations that have ice sparkles throughout, or one that lights up.

Be on the lookout for more couple toppers to appear as the Christmas season approaches. Check bakeries, wedding outlets, and collectible stores for figurines to place atop your cake. Even if they are not designated as a wedding cake topper, you can often make them into a topper with little or no work involved.

Unique Christmas Wedding Couple Cake Toppers

Holiday touches can theme a topper for Christmas.

Couples who choose to have a holiday wedding often want their celebration to be unique and memorable. Cake topper choice is no exception to this-you want yours to be as memorable as your wedding. Choosing a unique topper that fits your Christmas theme is an element that will be captured forever in photos and impress guests with your attention to details.

Glass Holiday Toppers

Couples with an elegant touch to their wedding may want to add a similarly themed topper to their cake. Toppers made from glass are perfect for Christmas weddings, as the connotation of snow and ice goes hand in hand with glass figures.The Snowmobile Bride and Groom Cake Top is a fun choice that incorporates a hobby, but stays elegant because it is done in glass.

Alternatively, the Winter Sleigh Wedding Cake Topper features a bride and groom in a horse-drawn sleigh. A touch of color in the mistletoe, reins, and gold accents make the topper stand out.

Whimsical Christmas Toppers

If you are planning your holiday wedding with a more whimsical feel to it, you may want to choose a Christmas wedding couple cake topper that reflects that feeling. One of the easiest ways to do this is to choose a topper that has a non-human couple. Popular ideas for couples include Santa and Mrs. Claus and snowmen couples.

Other whimsical and funny wedding cake toppers for Christmas include:

  • Birds
  • Penguins
  • Wolves
  • Polar bears
  • Reindeer

Often, a small veil will designate the bride or a top hat or bowtie will designate the groom so the animals have distinguished genders.

Custom Christmas Toppers

For the couple with a lot of money to spare, creating a custom topper from a photo is the most unique way to go about making a holiday top. The company MicroDwarf creates cartoon versions from submitted photos that reflect the looks of the bride and groom. Customize your topper to reflect Christmas by adding in red and green accents. They may be a bit heavier than traditional toppers, so be sure you have proper support in your cake.

Homemade Christmas Cake Toppers

If you have not found a Christmas themed topper for your cake, you can always make your own. The crafty bride will find it fairly easy to create her own Christmas cake topper.

Small traditional bride and groom figures can be purchased separately and glued into just about any larger topper you make. Consider topping your cake with a large poinsettia flower, then having the bride and groom positioned in the middle. Other simple ideas include:

  • Covering top of cake in faux berries and holly with couple in the middle
  • Wrapping garland around couple in the center of top cake tier
  • Adding a miniature gingerbread church and placing the couple in front
  • Painting red and green accents on white figurines
  • Creating a mini archway out of wire, wrapping in silver paper, adding a mistletoe spring and placing the couple beneath
  • Using this frame and placing a Christmas photo of the two of you inside

Brides and grooms who make their own dolls or who have experience woodworking may be able to create their own figurine couples for a one-of-a-kind cake topper.

Attention to detail really makes a Christmas themed wedding stand out. Adding a Christmas wedding couple cake topper to your cake makes your reception decorations more cohesive and festive.

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Christmas Themed Wedding Cake Topper Couple