Christmas Wedding Cakes

White Wedding Cake with Sugared Berries

For brides getting married during the magical holiday season, Christmas wedding cakes are the perfect touch for a holiday or winter wedding reception. The spirit of Christmas lends tremendous inspiration for beautiful cakes. Even the more whimsical elements of Christmas - such as Santa, reindeer, and snowmen -- can be incorporated into a Christmas cake in an elegant way with a little creativity.

Colors for Holiday Wedding Cakes

Christmas abounds with gorgeous color combinations ideal for an aesthetically pleasing wedding cake. Crisp colored wrapping paper coupled with silver and gold ribbon, deep green fir trees against snow-covered towns, twinkling colored lights reflecting on glass windows, and even the rich chocolate hue of hot cocoa together with a creamy dollop of whipped topping -- these wonderful sights are perfect for spurring your imagination for the perfect Christmas themed cake. Although you can certainly use any colors you want for a winter wedding cake, some selections seem especially appropriate this time of year. White cakes come alive with accents (in the form of flowers, frosting, or other ornamentations) in the following Christmas colors:

Elegant Cake with Red and Green Accents
  • Deep red and dark green
  • Burgundy and emerald
  • Eggplant
  • Plum
  • Deep or royal blue
  • Chocolate or deep brown hues
  • Shades of white and off white, such as ecru, ivory, and champagne
  • Gold
  • Silver

Colored cakes are also an option such as a colorful stack of presents, or an airbrushed design from a wrapping paper pattern or Christmas quilt you love. A black and white cake or black, white, and red colors also provides a crisp, elegant look for a winter wedding cake. Black 'ribbon' around the tiers of a white cake and several well-placed red poinsettias may be all it takes to achieve a look of simple, festive beauty.

Christmas Wedding Cakes: Themes and Ideas

The list of themes and ideas for Christmas wedding cakes is virtually endless. You can choose to incorporate the Christmas element into your cake simply with greenery and brilliant red flowers, or you can choose a cake specifically designed to resemble an aspect of the holiday, such as Christmas tree.

Christmas Toppers

Christmas wedding cake toppers are a wonderful way to incorporate the Christmas element into a more traditional cake. You can choose [Christmas Wedding Couple Cake Topper| Christmas-themed bride and groom toppers]], or use an item of the following as a cake topper:

  • A mini-faux Christmas tree
  • A small gingerbread house
  • Santa and Mrs. Clause
  • Two ceramic or other cardinal figurines
  • Two polar bears, penguins, squirrels, or other 'Christmas' animals
  • A 'snow' or ice prince and princess
  • Snowflake ornaments
  • Natural items such as faux berries, holly, and pine cones

Christmas Ornament Décor

Christmas ornaments come in such a vast variety; you can easily use them to decorate a wedding cake. You can use anything from elegant round ball style ornaments in your wedding colors, to fun ornaments like ice skates, children playing in the snow, or snowmen. You could also have frosting Christmas accents, such as frosting bows and ribbons, to reflect the theme.

Christmas Shaped and Themed Wedding Cake Ideas

Tiered Cake Pulled by Santa and Reindeer

An experience baker will be able to work with you if you want your Christmas cake to reflect a specific shape, theme, or design. Some Christmas shapes or themes you may want to consider are:

  • Tiered cakes shaped like Christmas trees
  • Cakes designed to resemble a stack of Christmas presents
  • A series of sheet cakes designed to look like stockings on a mantle
  • Cakes designed to look like large Christmas ornaments
  • A tiered cake designed to look like a snowman
  • A star shaped cake to reflect the Christmas star
  • A wedding cake decorated with miniature Christmas cookies

If you want the look of a classic or classically tiered cake, you can also incorporate the Christmas element by having the cake rest on something unique -- such as making the cake appear on a sleigh, being pulled by Santa's reindeer, decorating the cake table like a mantle or other holiday scene.

Christmas Candy Cakes

Classic Christmas candies can also be a fresh design inspiration for wedding cakes. A candy-cane themed cake, topped by a bouquet of candy canes will be fun as well as stunning. Other Christmas candy themes options include candied orange slices, sugar plums, cinnamon red hots, filled chocolates, peanut brittle, divinity, or red and green coated candies.

The excitement and joy that will be part of your holiday wedding is sure to be reflected in your Christmas wedding cake. Choosing a seasonal cake design is sure to be fun, and will create a sweet memory that you and your guests will never forget.


Christmas Wedding Cakes