Choosing a Wedding Reception Hall

Choose your hall carefully.

Choosing the perfect wedding reception hall can be a bit tricky. There are many considerations when choosing a venue for your wedding reception. These include location, size of the reception hall, decorations, food, D.J and contract details. The two of you should visit a few places to explore the available packages before making a decision.

Location of Your Wedding Reception Hall

Choosing a location close to the ceremony can be a big help for the guests when traveling that day. An old historical hall, a traditional church, a beautiful park, country club or even a lavish mansion may have exactly what you are looking for. Some hotels offer packages and a discount for a wedding reception hall plus rooms for you and any guests who will be spending the night.

Size and Decorations

First and foremost, don't be shy. Ask every question on your mind, no matter how trivial. The seating and size of the hall is your first consideration. Have an estimated number of guests in mind when you go to choose a hall. If the hall seems too big you can always rent a few statues or themed potted plants to make the room feel more comfortable and intimate. You can also dim the lights and use candles. Ask if the decorations, linens and head table will be set up by them. If not, you'll have to do this the night before.

Catering for the Party

Food plays a major part when choosing a reception hall. If it's being catered for you, ask if you can tour the kitchen A clean and organized kitchen says a lot for the people working for you. Have a look at their full menu and bring some family or friends along to help you with the sampling of foods that you want for the reception. A few more taste buds will help you when deciding on the final dishes to be served to you and your guests. Take a look at the plates and silverware. Ask to see the style and presentation they will be serving to you.

DJ and Music

Next, discuss acoustics. Ask your D.J if he has worked with this venue in the past. If so, he'll know how the music will be sound and where to place his paraphanalia. If you can, peek into an event already in progress. If you are thinking of using a band, you may want to ask for a tape or CD.

Other Considerations

Other things to watch out for when choosing a wedding reception hall are the bathroom facilities. Are there enough? Do they look and smell clean? A bad appearance in a bathroom can turn off guests and make for a not so pleasant evening. Parking is another thing to look out for and take note of. There must be enough spaces for your guests to park if no transportation is provided for them to go home in. You may want to inquire if there is another event and how the parking situation will be for that night. Now you have all the bases covered to make your reception a giant hit. Enjoy your happy day!

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Choosing a Wedding Reception Hall