Chocolate Wedding Cakes

Is chocolate right for you?

Chocolate is a scrumptious flavor for wedding cakes. With a wide range of chocolate, these fudgy decadent treats are becoming more and more popular for celebrating a couple's nuptials.

Types of Chocolate

There are many types of chocolate and associated flavors that couples can choose from, including:

  • Plain: A plain chocolate cake is anything but boring. White, milk, and dark chocolate options can appeal to different tastes, or a single cake can have tiers made up of different gradations of chocolate.
  • Fruited Chocolate: Both the cake itself as well as the icing can be flavored with fruit extracts for a more exotic taste. Orange, raspberry, and strawberry are the most popular options, though many couples also enjoy mint chocolate flavors.
  • Liqueur Chocolate: A rich hint of rum, brandy, or espresso turns ordinary chocolate into a sophisticated treat.
  • Chocolate and Nuts: Adding pecans, walnuts, peanuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, or other crunchy flavors to a chocolate cake can be whimsical and delicious.
  • Chocolate Accents: Couples interested in a taste of chocolate without as much cocoa can opt for Oreo cakes, marble cakes, or other cake flavors drizzled with chocolate or layered with chocolate fudge or mousse fillings.
  • Alternative Chocolate Cakes: Instead of a sponge cake, couples could opt for chocolate cheesecake, chocolate pound cake, chocolate truffle accents, or even chocolate pies.

Styles of Chocolate Wedding Cakes

The stereotypical image of a white wedding cake doesn't have to mean that cake is vanilla flavored. Couples can opt for white chocolate icing over a fudge cake, or vanilla buttercream icing over a rich chocolate sponge. Regardless of the flavors, there are many styles of chocolate wedding cakes that are a treat for the eyes as well as the tongue, including:

  • Classic cake designs with chocolate icing
  • White-iced cakes with chocolate accents such as drizzle, swirls, or chips
  • Differently colored layers to indicate different types of chocolate
  • Chocolate groom's cakes to offer multiple desserts and festive designs
  • Any wedding cake design the couple desires - every cake can be stunning and unique, no matter what the flavor

Be Cautious with Chocolate

While the soon-to-be newlyweds may adore chocolate, they should be cautious with such a rich dessert. Despite chocolate's popularity, it is not universally favored and some wedding guests may be allergic to chocolate or to the fruit or nut fillings used in many chocolate cakes. Keeping one tier of the wedding cake a classic vanilla flavor or including other delicious desserts on the wedding menu will ensure that everyone has a sweet treat to celebrate the wedding, even if they don't like chocolate.

Gallery of Chocolate Cakes

Click on the pictures below to be taken to additional wedding cake articles that can inspire delicious chocolate wedding cakes.

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