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Planning for Celtic wedding themes seems to sound a bit narrow; after all, a Celtic wedding in and of itself could be considered a total theme. But once you start delving more into Celtic ceremonies and history, you'll find that you can expound upon a number of traditions.

Plan Themes Around One of Seven Celtic Nations

One way to theme your Celtic wedding is to focus upon the history and tradition of one of the seven Celtic nations. Those seven nations are considered to be:

  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Cornwall
  • Isle of Man
  • Galacia (in Spain)
  • Brittany
  • Ireland

Three of these countries, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland seem to hold the most appeal for a themed wedding. Of course, if you happen to have a genealogy or family history with ties to any nation, theming your wedding around the traditions of that country would make your wedding memorable and meaningful.

Choosing a family heirloom, such as a coin, watch, rings, or cross that has been passed down for generations is another way to take Celtic wedding themes to the next level. Have that symbol imprinted on your wedding invitations, napkins, or even as part of your wedding cake design.

Celtic Wedding Themes and Ideas

You can choose to incorporate as many or as few Celtic wedding ceremony traditions as you like. Picking one Celtic symbol or idea is a way to narrow your decorative focus and provide a stylish look to the entire wedding.


Carrying a horseshoe down the aisle was considered good luck for the bride. Incorporate it into your wedding by doing the following:

  • Have the symbol on your invitations and wedding programs.
  • Wear horseshoe cufflinks or bridal jewelry.
  • Use horseshoes in pew décor.
  • Make a horseshoe shaped groom's cake.
  • Give out small horseshoes as wedding favors.


Scottish Celtic traditions often involve the men wearing kilts. For the man not accustomed to this practice, he may be more comfortable in a tuxedo vest in plaid. Bridesmaid dresses can even be found in plaid, such as the dresses from Rustic Wedding Chic. A plaid wedding often looks nice outdoors, in light shades of greens and other pastels. For a winter wedding, deep hunter greens, burgundies, and navies make a nice color palette for a plaid-themed wedding. Other decorating ideas for a plaid wedding include:

Having bagpipe music playing throughout a plaid and/or Scottish Celtic themed wedding is a rich addition to the overall ambiance of the day.

Celtic Knots

If you want to have a wedding theme that boasts of a symbol of your love and marriage, finding a Celtic knot may be your answer. Although the symbolism of various knots are disputed, using a Trinity or Love Knot in a wedding as part of the theme is entirely appropriate. Use knot charms on your guest book, in champagne glass handles, in jewelry, as part of your cake design or wedding cake topper, and on your programs and invitations. A number of unique wedding favors may also feature Celtic knots, like bookmarks, candles, or pins.

Celtic knots and scrollwork are often found on crosses, as well. If you have access to a historical church or are planning a destination wedding, consider hosting your wedding ceremony at a site with Celtic architectural features. Picking a historical location can really make your theme come alive for yourselves and the guests.

Claddagh Symbol

Originally an Irish Celtic symbol, the claddagh ring is worn by many today to symbolize love, loyalty, and friendship. Wearing the ring a certain way can signify your romantic involvement. For this reason, some couples may choose to center the theme of their Celtic wedding around the Claddagh ring design.

The two hands holding the crowned heart may appear as charms on the guest book, ring bearer pillow, or as part of guest favors; additionally, using the symbol on other items makes the wedding theme come full circle. The symbol can be used on:

Celtic Themed Accessories

Celtic goblets

With the rising popularity of themed weddings, it is becoming easier than ever to find accessories that match Celtic wedding themes. The following places may provide exactly what you are looking for when it comes to making your theme a reality:

Search out unique stores and small boutiques owned by someone of the Celtic heritage you are theming your wedding upon. They may carry the accessories you need in order to make your ceremony and reception come together, or be able to incorporate Celtic graphics into the accessories.

Consider putting a small paragraph in your wedding program about your Celtic wedding theme. Explain why you chose your particular theme and what meaning it holds for you as a couple. Guests may find your theme interesting and want to learn more about Celtic traditions.

Additional Celtic Wedding Resources

For more information on Celtic weddings and traditions, visit the following websites:

If you planned or attended a Celtic wedding, please share your ideas with the readers at LoveToKnow Weddings by leaving a comment!

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