Celtic Wedding Dresses

CCeltic wedding dress

Celtic wedding dresses are a great way to bring your heritage into your wedding or to show your love for the Renaissance style of dress and way of life. Because of the popularity of Renaissance costumes for fairs and other events, it is easier than ever to find good-quality Celtic dresses suitable for every woman in your wedding party.

Design of Celtic Wedding Dresses

The first thing you want to think about when considering a Celtic or Irish wedding dress is exactly what you want it to look like. You have a lot more options with a Celtic dress in terms of color, fabric, and style than you will see in a regular bridal boutiques. Of course you can still have a white wedding, but you can also have a deep red, green, or even blue wedding!

Celtic dresses can be formal or informal, an overdress worn over a simpler dress or bodice, or an elegant one-piece style. These gowns often have lots of flowing fabric, particularly from the sleeves, and can be made of fabrics such as silk, velvet, cotton, or lace. They can be quite ornamented or simple and sleek.

While not all of these dresses would fit into a traditional Celtic wedding, modern brides may choose this style of dress for any sort of wedding, including informal affairs in the backyard or even church weddings.

Finding Celtic Dresses

The internet is a great source for Celtic wedding dresses. If you think buying off the internet means a lot of hassle and a dress that doesn't really fit, think again. Rather than buying off the rack, most internet retailers custom-make dresses according to the measurements of the bride.

Rather than having to have a dress altered to fit, you'll be buying a dress that really was made for you. And they can often be had for less than you'd pay for a dress off the rack, making it a good deal and an heirloom wrapped up in one.

Here are some places to start your search for a Celtic wedding dress:

  • Rivendell Bridal has Celtic, Irish and Elvish-inspired dresses and accessories for the bride, groom, and bridal party. You can even get a cape to match your dress.
  • Etsy has all sorts of period costumes for weddings. You'll find gowns in various materials, long-sleeved or off the shoulder, and in regular sizes as well as pus sizes.
  • Arcane Lore has a range of Celtic and Elvish dresses, as well as other period costumes, Gothic outfits, cloaks, corsets and more.

If you have a good idea of what you want your dress to look like, you can also contact a local seamstress and have her or him work with you to make your dream dress. If possible, find someone with costume experience who will know how to work with the fabrics and make an authentic-looking dress.

The Rest of the Bridal Party

Of course if you are wearing a Celtic wedding gown you will want your groom and attendants in similar garb. Many of the websites that offer Celtic wedding dresses also have attire for the rest of the wedding party.

You can choose more of an Irish peasant-style dress for your bridesmaids and simple tunics and pants for the men of the party, or go for a more formal look with fancier outfits for all. Just changing the fabric a simple outfit is made from can make a big difference in the look and feel.

Take a lot of time to consider what everyone is going to wear if you are planning a Celtic or Irish themed wedding. You want to make sure that everyone looks the part, from the bride to the ring bearer, and even any family members or friends who are going to be in your wedding pictures.

While you're at it, why not invite all your guests to be part of the fun. Remind them that period attire is encouraged, and your wedding party can become part costume party as well.

Whether you just enjoy unusual, elegant gowns or you want to honor a Celtic heritage, Celtic wedding dresses are a lovely option for brides of distinction.

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Celtic Wedding Dresses