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How to Live Stream Your Wedding in Easy Steps

How to Live Stream Your Wedding in Easy Steps

With the technology available today, it's easy to host a virtual wedding so that all your friends and families can attend your important day. Many wedding venues now offer this service as well as professional… Keep reading »

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Wedding Trends

Trends for weddings go beyond wedding gowns and reception favors. Trendy weddings in vogue this season, may not be fashionable next year. A traditional bride might not pay attention to the latest styles when making wedding plans. However, some brides like to keep up with what's current and the hottest trends for wedding themes and designs.

Colored Wedding Dresses

No longer is a bride expected to wear a pure white dress. Dresses of color, or with a splash of color are the current style. Those who don't mind raising a few eyebrows might wear a red or blue wedding dress. Brides who don't want to buck tradition altogether can still wear white but add a colored sash or hem.

Beach Weddings

More and more wedding ceremonies are taking place outdoors. No place is more popular than the beach. What can be more romantic than exchanging vows before the ocean? Beach weddings are generally casual, but classy affairs although they come in a variety of flavors.

Destination Weddings

Another popular wedding trend is the destination wedding. Many couples are also choosing to incorporate their honeymoons with their wedding by flying off to an exotic location. Hawaii, Las Vegas and Florida are just a few popular destination wedding spots.

Wedding Websites

The Happy Couple can now keep their loved ones updated on all of their wedding plans by creating a wedding website. Wedding websites detail all wedding plans and offer local information to out of town wedding guests.

Colored Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are no longer the sweet butter cream confections found sitting perched a top plastic tiers. Today's wedding cakes are more personal and colorful. In fact, today's wedding cakes are so beautiful, a cake topper is not required!

Wedding Trends