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Wedding traditions may vary due to religious and cultural preferences, but there are several things most weddings have in common.


Most wedding traditions have in place some type of ceremony. Whether simple or complex, a ceremony gives marriage a sense of the official and the dignity it deserves. The ceremony in nearly any culture involves a commitment from both parties to the marriage.

Special Dress

The bride and groom almost always have some sort of traditional or ceremonial dress in any culture. The special dress may have historical or cultural significance, as well as setting the bride and groom apart as the special couple.

Involvement of Friends and Family

Weddings almost always involve the participation and observance of the bride and groom's friends and/or family. The day is made even more special when it shared with those close to your heart.

Wedding Celebrations

Wedding celebrations are another nearly universal aspect of wedding traditions. Wedding celebrations typically incorporate the following:

  • Food: Special foods and drink may be served. Feasts may be prepared using symbolic foods, or the food prepared in a traditional way.
  • Music: Music and dancing serve multiple purposes. Music and dancing allow the bride, the groom, and the wedding guests to relax and have fun while celebrating their marriage. In some cultures, music and dance may also have spiritual, symbolic, or ritualistic purposes as well.
  • Gifts: Giving meaningful gifts to honor and congratulate the new couple as they start their life together is another important wedding tradition. While trends in gift-giving may change, the sincere wish for the couple's happiness remains at the heart of the wedding gift.

Family Traditions

Many families have traditions that are unique to their family, such as a bride wearing an heirloom wedding veil or other wedding accessory. This can help bring a family together and remind them that they the family bond won't be diminished in marriage.

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Wedding Traditions