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Printable Bridal Word Scramble

Printable Bridal Word Scramble

Wedding word scrambles, often called word searches, is a great free printable bridal shower game to break the ice when guests arrive. Guests can chat with one another about the different things they think of… Keep reading »

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The different showers hosted for a wedding are great fun for all involved. From the surprised bride opening shower gifts, it's no wonder this party is a much anticipated wedding tradition.


Showers are a wonderful way to celebrate a couple's impending union. While in the past these events were primarily attended by women, modern showers can and do have varied guest lists. While some stick to a ladies champagne brunch or afternoon tea, others are opting for co-ed backyard barbeques for their showers. Guests can include the wedding party, other close friends, and family members.

Who Should Host the Shower

Typically the maid-of-honor hosts the wedding shower, but this can also be done by a different member of the wedding party or close friend. It is considered more appropriate for a friend or member of the bridal party to host the shower than for a relative of the bride or groom.

Location and Time

The location can be virtually anywhere, from someone's home to a rented party room to a local restaurant. Wedding showers work well in relaxed environments with enough room for guests to eat, mingle, and to see the bride (and groom if present) opening their gifts. Late morning and afternoon are considered best times for showers.

Games and Activities

Most showers offer some sort of games or activities for the guests. Simple games like word scrambles are often used, or you can opt for more humorous games like 'dress the bride,' where groups use rolls of toilet paper in a race to wrap a person. For co-ed showers, sports and trivia games are popular.

Food for the Shower

Food typically consists of lighter fare. Sandwiches, fruit and vegetable trays, cheese and crackers, and other hors o'odourves work well for guests to sample during the shower. A cake is usually the typical dessert for wedding showers, but cupcakes, cheesecake, or other desserts can also be served in addition to or instead of the wedding shower cake.

Shower Gifts

Most couples today have wedding shower gift registries that make it easy for guests to choose gifts for them. Gifts given at showers are typically less expensive than wedding gifts, often items that the new couple will use in setting up housekeeping together. In addition to the sincere appreciation a bride (and groom, if in attendance) express for their gifts, a note of thanks should be sent.

Wedding Showers