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You can avoid mishaps on your wedding day by making plans. Grooms forget their vows, ring bearers panic and bridal bouquets make best men sneeze. Take steps to create backup plans and fail safes well before your wedding to ensure everything goes well.

Thinking Ahead

There is no way to prepare for all possible wedding mishaps. However, thinking ahead, using checklists and timelines, and preparing for possible problem scenarios can help brides, grooms, and their families keep their cool for the big day.

The wedding rehearsal is designed to help everyone prepare and avoid many potential problems. Additionally, members of the bridal party, both male and female, should try on their entire wedding day apparel before the day of the wedding to ensure all apparel and accessories are available and fit properly.

Keeping a Sense of Humor

Of course it is "the" big day for you and your sweetheart, but it is after all, still only one day. Many of the wedding mishaps that cause a bride to blush are relatively minor to the rest of the guests, and some may not even notice that things didn't go perfectly. Keeping your sense of humor can help keep problems in perspective and allow you to enjoy your wedding.

When Wedding Mishaps Occur

When mishaps do occur, it often takes a quick thinking member of the bridal party, or in some cases, bride or groom, to remedy the situation. Consider the following when an unexpected problem arises on your wedding day:

  1. How will it affect the wedding ceremony or reception?
  2. Is there anything that can be done about it?
  3. Will anyone else notice?
  4. Who can take care of the problem? (Other than the bride or groom!)

It may help to designate someone to wedding mishap 'duty,' giving that person some extra lip-gloss, breath mints, mini-sewing kit, and a list of phone numbers for the reception hall, church, florist, etc.

With a little preparation, keeping your cool, and armed with a sense of humor, even wedding mishaps won't spoil your wedding day!

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