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Free Elegant Wedding Fonts

Free Elegant Wedding Fonts

Using free elegant weddings fonts is a great way to add sophistication and beauty to wedding invitations, programs, and other papers. With many free font resources available, couples can easily find a font style… Keep reading »

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Invitations for a wedding are critical. The invitation conveys far more than just the time and place of the nuptials, it should convey the wedding theme and level of formality. Sometimes an invitation reveals the wedding colors and a brief introduction of the happy couple. An RVSP should be included so guests can respond if they will attend.

Types of Wedding Invitations

Bridal couples need to understand all the subtleties of an appropriate wedding invitation so they can select invites that express this proper information along with the joy they feel in their upcoming nuptials. There are many types of invitations couples can use to invite people to their wedding, such as:

  • A range of sizes and shapes, including rectangular, square, bi-fold, tri-fold, note card, embossed, and other formats.
  • Themed invitations suitable for a beach wedding, Disney wedding, western wedding, or any other specialized event.
  • Invitations with customized enclosures such as RSVP cards, pew cards, or maps.
  • Invitation sets with coordinated envelopes, seals, tissues, and ribbons.
  • A rainbow of colors to match any wedding palette.
  • A wide variety of traditional designs, from abstract borders to bride and groom clipart images.
  • More casual invites for bridal showers or other wedding-related events.

Couples should choose wedding invitations that match their personalities, the theme and formality of their event, and their budget, but there are also other considerations to be made.

Invitation Considerations

Simply choosing a clever, pretty, or economical wedding invitation is not enough when selecting the perfect way to invite guests to share in such a special day. Other considerations include:

  • How much will a complete invitation, with all enclosures and return postage on the RSVP card, cost to mail?
  • Is the invitation legible for every guest?
  • How easy will the invitations be to assemble, address, and mail?
  • Have extra invitations been ordered as mementos and to account for misdirected mail or additions to the guest list?
  • Has a proof copy of the invitation been reviewed for proper spelling and accurate details?

With careful consideration, planning, and coordination, couples can easily find beautiful invitations to include everyone in their celebration, whether they are interested in a unique wedding invitation, a classically elegant card, or a fun and carefree invitation note.

Wedding Invitations