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Article Highlight: History of Wedding Dresses

It may seem as if brides have been getting married in white forever, but this is not the case. The trend of wearing an all white wedding dress dates back to royalty of Victorian times. Before that, brides wore… Keep reading »

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wedding history

The history of weddings differs from one culture to the next. You can use wedding trivia for interesting icebreakers during pre-wedding and wedding activities. Some little-known facts about the history of weddings include the reason brides wear white, how the tradition of wedding favors began and the origins of the wedding party. Discover intriguing facts about the rich history of weddings for a greater appreciation of wedding traditions.

History of the Wedding Dress

Did you know that brides haven't always worn white? Bold colors have played an important role in bridal fashion in years past. The turn of the century, however, saw the arrival of white as the most popular wedding dress color. For more great facts like these, read our article on wedding dress history.

Wedding Accessories and Favors

Economics and world issues had a direct affect on how a woman dressed for her wedding during certain periods in history. Lavish, expensive dresses were almost out of the question for many war brides. Today, personal preference still prevails, and while many women still choose traditional white dresses for their weddings along with traditional favors, flowers, and accessories, others want to stand out and veer away from tradition. Wedding accessories and favors also tend to run the gamut from traditional to unusual. Check out our articles on wedding flower history and wedding favor history for more interesting facts.

History of Wedding Rings

Finally, don't forget to read up on just how the wedding ring tradition began in our article on wedding ring history.

Wedding History