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History of the Wedding Ring

History of the Wedding Ring

Today, the wedding ring symbolizes a promise of never-ending love, devotion, and loyalty. In short, it is the physical representation of the wedding vows. The history of the wedding ring, however, is not quite… Keep reading »

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The history of weddings differs from one culture to the next. You can use wedding trivia for interesting icebreakers during pre-wedding and wedding activities or to help plan your ceremony. Discover intriguing facts about the rich history of weddings for a greater appreciation of marriage traditions.

Wedding Symbol History

When you plan or attend a wedding, there are many symbols you expect to see at every one such as an exchange of rings and a bride wearing white. Wedding symbols each have their own history that includes who started them and what they stand for.

Origins of the Wedding Ring

While wedding bands for women go back hundreds of years, wedding bands for men are a relatively modern invention. The history of the wedding ring is long and questionable, but there's no doubt these small tokens have always had big meaning. On some occasions these pieces of jewelry represent ownership, while at other times they symbolized the uniting of two halves to form a whole.

History of Wedding Flowers

The history of wedding flowers goes back as early as 800 B.C.E. Natural plants, flowers, and greens often served as a symbol of fertility or to honor the gods. Today, you can use flowers as symbols for different virtues based on their color or simply pick the ones you like best to show off your personal taste.

Origins of Wedding Favors

Sending guests home with wedding favors didn't become standard until the 16th century. These small tokens of love and appreciation help bring guests into the bond created by a marriage. While the history of wedding favors may not be long and involved, they have become a staple of modern receptions.

History of the Wedding Dress

Did you know that brides haven't always worn white? Bold colors have played an important role in bridal fashion in years past. The turn of the century, however, saw the arrival of white as the most popular wedding dress color. Wedding dress history is fascinating because the standard fashions change with the times unlike many other wedding elements. Economics and world issues had a direct effect on how a woman dressed for her wedding during certain periods in history. Today, personal preference still prevails, and while many women still choose traditional white dresses for their weddings along with traditional favors, flowers, and accessories, others want to stand out and veer away from tradition.

Weddings Are Steeped in Tradition

Understanding the long history of weddings and their traditions helps bring meaning to your own matrimonial ceremony. When you know the origins of each individual wedding element, you can choose those that best fit your beliefs and desires.

Wedding History Facts