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Christian Wedding Wishes: Messages of Faith & Love

Christian Wedding Wishes: Messages of Faith & Love

Christian wedding wishes can offer welcomed faith messages of God's love. A list of religious wedding wishes can help you find the perfect words to express your Christian wedding wishes. Keep reading »

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Wedding Night Gift Baskets

Gifts are a special part of any wedding day. The gifting process can also be confusing. If you're getting married, you may have questions about registries or cash gifts. If you're attending a wedding, you might have questions of how much you should spend on the gift, how to choose an appropriate gift, or how to present your gift to the couple.

Nuptial Gift Ideas for Couples

For couples getting married, this category contains information about registry, including commonly asked questions and popular store registries. Couples can also find information on cash gifts and money trees. While asking for cash outright is a definite breech of etiquette, there are discreet and acceptable ways to let guests know if you desire cash instead of traditional wedding gifts.

Couples can also find information on gift-giving to members of their wedding party, their parents, and one another. Other topics include creating wedding guest gift baskets, wedding card boxes, and wishing wells.

Gift Tips for Wedding Guests

Wedding guests can get tips and information on just what and how to give the right wedding presents. Get ideas on traditional and unique gifts, giving personalized gifts, and special gift basket ideas.

Your warm wishes to the happy couple can be just as special, if not more so, than a physical gift, so be sure to peruse out articles on offering words of congratulations, well-wishes, and special blessings to the couple in cards or on other creative ways.

The Thought Matters

When choosing a gift for a special couple, choose from the heart. Don't worry about the amount of money you spend or whether or not it's purchased at a specific shop. As long as your heart is in it, the bride and groom will be touched no matter what you give.

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