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Wedding Flowers by Season: Guide to Beautiful Blooms

Wedding Flowers by Season: Guide to Beautiful Blooms

Choosing your wedding flowers by season helps ensure you can get exactly what you want. When you buy wedding flowers that will be in season at the time of your wedding, you can also save money while making your… Keep reading »

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Roses are the most popular wedding flower
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Flowers are a beautiful and important part of your wedding day. These inspiring splashes of color and texture add a touch of magic. Helpful articles featuring insightful flower tips for weddings and beautiful wedding picture galleries provide a cornucopia of valuable information.

The Flower Checklist

The many ways flowers can be used in your wedding depend only on your imagination and your budget. Here is a brief wedding flower checklist:

  • Flowers for the church
  • Flowers for the reception hall
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Groom's boutonnière
  • Bridesmaids' bouquets
  • Flower petals for flower girl
  • Boutonnières for fathers, groomsmen and/or ushers
  • Corsages for mothers
  • Flowers for decorating the wedding cake and/or cake table
  • Bride's throwaway bouquet

In addition, you may have some of the following flower needs:

  • Floral centerpieces for reception
  • Flower petals for tossing at bride and groom upon exiting the church
  • Roses to present to mothers during ceremony
  • Corsages for grandmothers of other special female guests
  • Boutonnières for grandfathers or other special male guests
  • Flowers for decorating an outdoor gazebo or other location where photographs will be taken
  • Flowers for bride's or flower girl's hair
  • Any other special décor needs

Choosing Wedding Flowers

Flowers at a wedding have been a long-standing tradition. Making the wedding flower choices that are right for you is important, and there are many questions involved. The types of flowers, arrangement and design, whether to use real or silk flowers, and the color and greenery choices are some of the major decisions that need to be made. You'll also want to consider cost, the season, and possibly even floral alternatives if special decor or accents are desired.

Choosing a Wedding Florist

Choosing a good wedding florist can be half the battle. Good florists have an extensive knowledge of good color and greenery combinations and will have a variety of arrangements and designs you can choose from for your wedding flowers. Your florist may also have example bouquets and arrangements to see for inspiration.

Whether you hire a florist or decide to do your own wedding flowers, you'll want to check out plenty of resources for ideas before you decide on the right ones for your wedding.

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