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Wedding Business

The business of a wedding isn't like the more enjoyable tasks of making wedding arrangements. The business part of the wedding is considered the dull part of what is generally a fun and exciting time. There isn't any getting around it when items, such as a marriage license, wedding insurance and even prenuptial agreements are necessary. In some cases, the wedding can't take place without certain paperwork.

Marriage License

A wedding isn't legal without a marriage license. It tells the world you're of age, you're in this country legally, you're not (knowingly) transmitting any communicable diseases and you're not wanted by the law.

Each state has different laws governing marriage. Be sure to contact your City or Country Clerk's office to find out what identification and paperwork is necessary to bring with you in order to obtain a marriage license. You'll also want to know how far in advance you need to apply and if any special medical tests are needed.


A prenuptial agreement isn't necessary in order to get married, though some like to protect their assets "just in case."

Wedding Insurance

Like the prenup, wedding insurance isn't necessary but it's an important consideration. If your chosen catering hall goes up in flames a week before the wedding, or tornado levels the church, you're covered.

There are other bits of business to be taken care of. Life insurance, home insurance, Last Will and Testament. None of these are pleasant tasks, but all are necessary and should be taken care of before, or soon after the wedding.

Wedding Business