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17 Disney-Themed Wedding Invitations to Make or Buy

17 Disney-Themed Wedding Invitations to Make or Buy

Purchase or make a Disney invitation to fit your Mickey and Minnie, castle, princess, or Cinderella themed nuptials. Even if your favorite couple isn't available in a pre-made design, you're sure to find some… Keep reading »

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wedding veil
How to Make a Wedding Veil

The right accessories for your wedding gown can make your important day extra special. Just because you chose the perfect dress doesn't mean your outfit is complete. Your wedding attire shopping isn't finished until you've accessorized.

Wedding Accessory Needs

The details are really what help pull your wedding ensemble together, and this category will help you find information on all the finishing touches for your special day.

Head Pieces and Veils

The most important wedding accessory is probably the head piece. Most women choose to go the traditional route and wear a veil. Fortunately, there are styles available to match most dresses.

Not every bride needs a veil, however. Many brides, especially those with more casual dresses, choose to have something less formal on their heads. Flowers, studded barrettes or tiaras, glittery jewels and ribbons still add a stunning touch. From how to make a wedding veil to choosing a tiaras or head pieces, you'll find it here.


Finding the right shoes is important. Not only to complete the look, but also to keep the bride comfortable. Don't forget, she's on her feet all day. With many short and non-traditional dress styles in vogue, you can have fun choosing the perfect pair of bridal shoes.


Whether you choose pearls, diamonds or another stone, jewelry is essential for completing your wedding ensemble. It adds a touch of sparkle and completes the feeling that you're royalty for a day. Many brides choose heirloom jewelry that was worn by a different family member on her wedding day. What could be more touching?

Other Accessories

Don't forget your old, new, borrowed or blue. Garters and handkerchiefs are subtle touches that add a bit of whimsy or luck. For some they're sentimental, for instance, a handkerchief might have belonged to a cherished relative. They may not be in plain view for all to see, but they add something special to the outfit. You'll find information on accessories for unique theme weddings and specialty items like parasols and bridal purses, too.

Perfect Accessories for Your Wedding

There are many finishes touches for your ceremony, too. From choosing ring bearer pillows to the right colored napkins, from unity candles to wedding cameras, you'll find a variety of articles on the little details of your wedding as well.

Wedding Accessories