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Article Highlight: Flower Girl Dress Interview with Olivia Kate Couture

Cassie Spade believes that brides should be able to find high quality flower girl dresses for an affordable price. She also feels it is important for the child to enjoy wearing the dress. She built her business,… Keep reading »

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Interviews with leading wedding experts provide great advice and tips when planning a wedding. You can rely on the experience and knowledge of the industry's top experts, to ensure your wedding day is a dream come true.

LoveToKnow Weddings' Experts

Experts can offer insights on contemporary wedding trends, planning details, and how to make your wedding dreams become reality. The experts that share with LoveToKnow Weddings bring years of experience in their respective fields to share with eager brides, offering only the best tips and advice on a variety of wedding topics, including:

  • Wedding flowers
  • Designer dresses and alterations
  • Wedding cake trends and designer cakes
  • Beach wedding attire
  • Getting in shape for your wedding
  • Wedding photography

You'll also find expert tips on things like filling out your wedding invitations, choosing flower girl dresses, and even financing your wedding.

Our experts include pastry chefs, dress designers, seamstresses, and other wedding professionals. Whether you want an expert opinion on today's hottest wedding trends or just need tips to make your day beautiful and stylish, our experts can help.

Using Expert Advice

While wedding experts can offer their insights for your dream day, it is important to remember that the most important expert for planning your wedding is you. Only you know the colors, flowers, and other wedding decorations you want to have, and only you can decide on the wedding ceremony details and how to arrange the wedding reception. Check out expert advice for tips and ideas, but plan your day knowing that you're the expert for your dream wedding.

Wedding Expert Interviews