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Richard Marx And Daisy Fuentes Wedding Event

The public is fascinated by celebrity weddings because these are the best examples of making your dream wedding come to life. Fans want to know when a celebrity marries and all the exciting details surrounding the wedding, such as which designer the celebrity chose and which other famous people were guests.

Celebrity Wedding Rings

Celebrity wedding rings don't often follow the traditional style you'll find in a chain jewelry store. The rich and famous have access to the most amazing and innovative jewelry designers and often opt for custom rings so both the couple and the designer stand out. Often these rings are designed with personal elements such as the bride-to-be's birthstone. Every celebrity from Kate Hudson to Princess Diana has worn at least one unique wedding ring and fans and mainstream designers use these as inspiration for their own, less expensive, rings.

Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Fans obsess over celebrity wedding dresses from real life and movie or TV shows because they usually they thousands of dollars and are custom designed by some of the world's most famous designers. This means the dresses are unique and capture what's trending in the fashion world.

Celebrity Wedding Dress Look-Alikes

Bridal stores typically carry copycat dresses from the most famous brides to help you achieve your dress dreams. Look for a style that suits your body type and personality and is inspired by one of your favorite celebrities.

  • If you're the romantic type, check out Bella Swan's Victorian-inspired long-sleeve lacy wedding dress.
  • Get nostalgic with Monica's wedding dress from the iconic show Friends that featured a simple design and deep V.
  • Brides looking to mix traditional with modern love the wedding dress from Monster-In-Law worn by Jennifer Lopez that includes a full skirt and plunging neckline.

Celebrity Wedding Cakes

Another important wedding element celebrities show off is their wedding cake. Just as with all other celebrity wedding elements, these brides and grooms have access to the best bakers in the world and can afford expensive cakes. Celebrity wedding cakes showcase what is possible when you've got a top cake decorator at your disposal. You can expect to see at least five tiers on any celebrity wedding cake and unique shapes alongside timeless designs.

Dream Wedding Inspiration

Celebrities have unlimited budgets and resources to pull off the most amazing weddings normal people can only dream of. Looking at celebrity wedding trends, attire, and ceremonies can give you ideas for your own dream wedding. If you've got the budget to match, your dream can come true. If your budget is on another level, look for inexpensive ways to mimic important elements from your favorite celebrity weddings.

Celebrity and Famous Weddings