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Celebrity wedding rings are a source of curiosity for lots of people. If a wedding is in your future, you might actually want to find a ring that is similar to some of your favorite celebrities' jewelry. Finding… Keep reading »

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Celebrity weddings are an endless source of fascination for the public. Where did your favorite celebrities get married, and what did they wear? Did the bride wear a million dollar designer dress? Were there fireworks? Did the press show up? Which of their famous friends were among the invited guests? You'll find the answer to these questions and more inside the Celebrity Weddings section of LoveToKnowWeddings

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Secret Weddings of the Stars

Some stars certainly go out of their way to keep their weddings out of the public eye, and who can blame them? While some celebrity weddings are expected, others appear to be held at the spur-of-the-moment or out of the blue! To find out about your favorite stars and the most important days of their lives, check out the article on secret celebrity weddings.

The Dress

Why all of the fuss over what celebrity wedding dresses look like? Well, usually they cost thousands of dollars, and they may have been custom designed by some of the world's most famous designers. Even if we can't afford a dress like many of the celebrities, we can dream, right? Many women try to find a copycat dress simply because some of the designer wedding dresses are absolutely breathtaking! Do you know what your favorite celebrities' wedding dresses looked like? If not, check out our article on celebrity wedding dresses to find out!

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