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25 Unique Ways to Ask Someone to Be Your Bridesmaid

25 Unique Ways to Ask Someone to Be Your Bridesmaid

Asking your besties to be your bridesmaids is no small order. Learn how to ask someone to be your bridesmaid through fun and unique ways. Keep reading »

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Members of the bridal party and bridal couples often search for information on specific aspects of the wedding party. You can find this and other tidbits of information, such as assistance in choosing bridesmaid dresses, how to include children in a wedding, free best man speeches and tips on special appreciation of bridal parents.

The Bride and Groom

The bride and groom are the center of the wedding party! While input from others can he helpful, it is ultimately the happy couple who should be making the descisions about their wedding plans. In this category, get ideas on things like:


Groomsmen help to plan the bachelor party, seat the wedding guests, unroll the wedding runner, greet guests in the receiving line and at the reception, dance with bridesmaids and help the bride and groom make their getaway. Groomsmen can garner information on bachelor party alternatives, what their roles entail, and what to expect at the wedding rehearsal


Bridesmaids may assist the bride with various wedding tasks, perhaps shop with the bride for her wedding dress, assist with the bridal shower and bachelorette party, and serve as a support system for the bride. Junior bridesmaids may also be part of the processional. Bridesmaids can get tips on things hairstyles, jewelry, and even how to deal with a bridezilla.

Maid of Honor and Best Man

For the Maid of Honor and Best Man, there's a little more involved. It's the Maid of Honor who holds the bride's flowers and arranges her veil during the ceremony. She also helps the bride with her bustle, signs the marriage certificate, and offers a wedding toast. The maid or matron of honor may plan and host the bridal shower and take the bride to get her hair, nails, and makeup done for the wedding.

The Best Man throws the bachelor party, helps the groom get his tux together, helps to seat guests, carries the rings, escorts the Maid of Honor, signs the wedding certificate, offers a toast and drives the newlyweds to their hotel room or the airport, if needed.

The maid of honor and best man can find helpful information in this category in articles like:


Although technically not part of the wedding party, the bride's and groom's parents are an important part of the day. The father of the bride traditionally walks her down the aisle, and many couples recognize their mothers by presenting them with roses or other symbols of love during the ceremony. Mothers of the bride or groom will love getting information on how to dress for the wedding in this category.

From the time the engagement is announced to the end of the reception, the roles and details of the wedding party are important. Have a comment or question? Simply leave it a the bottom of any article page and our wedding editor will respond.

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