Camo Wedding Cakes

Camouflage pattern groom's cake, courtesy of Amanda Lau

A camo cake is a creative wedding cake choice for couples wanting to express their patriotism, especially those who have served in the military. There are many choices of cake shapes, such as sheet, tiered or an iconic military logo.

Celebrate Nuptials With a Camo Cake

A camo wedding cake design can look beautiful, professional, and classic if it's subtly detailed and handled by a skilled decorator. If you don't know the person who's going to bake and decorate your cake, have an honest talk up front with a number of different decorators so that you can outline exactly what you want and get the opportunity to see sample designs before you commit. If a camo cake is what you really want, don't let someone talk you out of it just because it is different and non-traditional, or it isn't what people are expecting to see at a wedding.

Flat Camo Cake

Brides and grooms who are having a small, intimate ceremony and relatively few guests may not need the fancy presentation value or serving sizes that a multi-tiered cake provides. A flat round cake or sheet cake may be an ideal alternative. Flat cakes are almost always more affordable than multi-level cakes, and in many cases, they can showcase designs more successfully because of their larger decorating space.

Covering a whole flat cake with a camo pattern is one decoration choice that commands a lot of attention and has a very dramatic effect, especially if the colors are bright or saturated. For a more subdued variation, choose a camo pattern that has pastels or features varying shades of white, cream, and light tan. Flat cakes can also provide a sturdy platform for camo toppers that will really stand out against a traditional white cake.

Multi-Tiered Camo Cake

A cake with several different layers and levels provides just as many opportunities to showcase a camouflage pattern. As with a flat cake, it's possible to have each tier coated with camo decorations. Guests might be surprised to see a cake that looks so different from a traditional white tiered model, but an allover camo pattern is an opportunity to celebrate what sets the bride and groom apart from other marrying couples.Another option is to leave some or most of the tiers frosted white, and have the decorator use a camo design on just a few layers or on just the top layer. Further variations include having just the sides of the cake or just the top of each tier show a camo pattern.

A multi-tiered cake is a good choice for brides and grooms who have trouble coming to an agreement on what their cake should look like. If one person wants the traditional, elegant look of a white wedding cake and the other wants an allover camo pattern, choosing a cake that alternates tiers or has a little bit of both the bride's and the groom's vision is a successful way to compromise. Another option is asking a decorator to create a separate groom's cake with a camo pattern.

Custom Details

As you browse camo wedding cake designs and develop your own patterns, keep the occasion you're celebrating in mind. There are a lot of things you can do to make your cake extra special, and many of them likely don't involve much more money or time than you'd already planned to invest.

Aside from altering a normal camo design to feature light colors or shades of white, you can ask a decorator to imprint the top and sides of your cake with delicately patterned sheets that showcase flowers, vines, leaves, and other classic touches. Lighten up a camo design with dark browns and army greens by adorning each tier of a multi-level cake with fresh flowers. Choose types that will have a brightening effect on the cake, rather than darken it further. Cream colors, tans, light greens, and whites are all good options.

Tips for Creating an Elegant Camo Cake

Finally, if camo designs are important to you but you also love the look of more traditional wedding cakes, keep in mind that it's definitely possible to marry both ideas. Consider:

  • Using elegant piping along the top and bottom of each tier
  • Keeping a plain white cake and using a camo topper
  • Tying each tier with lace or ribbon
  • Displaying two separate cakes

These are all excellent ways to create a camo cake that makes both the bride and the groom drool over the taste and the design.

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