Calla Lily Wedding Cakes

Triple-tier white calla lily wedding cake.
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A calla lily wedding cake is an elegant, classic, and beautiful way to celebrate a spring or summer wedding. The calla lily has a simple silhouette and sleek shape that looks fantastic on any size cake, and it's one of the easiest flowers to make of gum paste or fondant, so professionally made calla lily cakes are often cheaper than those that feature other flowers.

Calla Lily Design Ideas for Your Cake

If you have a specific cake design in mind, try to share as many details about it as you can with the baker and decorator so that you'll get the cake you want. Otherwise, you may want to try browsing through a gallery of calla lily cakes to pick out the designs and styles you like best. When you choose a cake, consider the flavors you prefer, how big you want the cake to be, how many guests you'll have, and what your budgetary constraints are.

Real Lilies

Using fresh flowers on your wedding cake is a beautiful touch and can fit very successfully with the rest of your decoration scheme and flower or bouquet choices. A spray of lilies looks great across the top of a cake or cascading down the sides of a multi-tier design. When using fresh lilies, you'll need to be mindful of seasonal varieties and of what colors you can and cannot get at certain times of the year. Remember that there may be color variation among your lilies, and your cake will be more fragile than it would be if it were made with edible flowers.

Fondant Lilies

Fondant lilies look smooth and elegant, can be created in any color, and are completely edible. Most professional cake decorators have some experience with making them and won't have an issue with creating custom lilies for your cake. One factor you should keep in mind when considering fondant lilies, however, is taste. Though fondant is an ideal medium for a smooth, beautiful cake covering and intricate decorations, it's not always the most delicious frosting. Many people don't care for the taste of fondant because it can be overly sweet and may have a chalky or gummy texture. If you want to make sure the flowers on your cake taste good, test them with the decorator well in advance.

Gum Paste Lilies

Gum paste is an even more versatile frosting than fondant in that it can be rolled thinner and used to form especially intricate objects and decorations. Gum paste lilies are likely to look more realistic and vibrant than fondant lilies, although they are more time-consuming for a decorator to make and so they might be more expensive. As with fondant, a possible concern with gum paste lilies is their taste. Gum paste decorations aren't very flavorful, and because they're dried before a decorator places them on the cake, they can have a crunchy texture that some guests may not like.

Color Scheme

Single tier calla lily cake.

One of the greatest advantages of a calla lily wedding cake is that the lilies can be so many different colors. If you want a very classic wedding with an all-white cake, white or ivory lilies will fit in beautifully, but you can also jazz up your color scheme with purple, pink, orange, maroon, or even chocolate-brown lilies. Another way to add a touch of color to your cake is to adorn the lilies with small sprays of other colorful flowers and wrap each layer of the cake in a ribbon or soft colored border.

Cake Shape

Calla lilies seem to look stately and majestic on almost any shape of cake, from a rectangular sheet cake to a multi-tier round cake. If you're looking for something a bit unconventional, don't hesitate to think outside the box. A tall rectangular cake, a topsy-turvy cake, or even a custom-made sculpture cake could all look great with the addition of a few decorative lilies, and they're sure to grab the attention and admiration of wedding guests.

Match Your Cake to Your Flowers

Calla lilies are one of the most popular wedding flowers, and creating a calla lily wedding cake is a great way to tie in your wedding flowers with this important dessert. With many different options including real and edible flowers, you can easily add callas to your cake.

Calla Lily Wedding Cakes