Wedding Flower Preservation in California

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A California wedding flower preservation service is ideal for anyone wish to save their bridal bouquet or other wedding flowers. For people who live in the California, choosing a wedding flower preservationist is essential to ensure your flowers last a lifetime. After months of planning your wedding, the last thing you want is to toss your bridal bouquet in the trash. By preserving it, you create a sentimental memento to honor your day and decorate your bedroom or living room.

Finding a Local Preservationist

The first place to check with about preserving your bouquet is with your own wedding florist. It may even be included in your flower package, so be sure to ask. Even if your florist does not provide the service, he would be able to recommend someone in the area.

If you made your own bouquet or want additional places to look into, you can find a California preservationist easily. First, simply ask your recently married friends who they used when it came to preserving their wedding flower bouquet. Second, check your local yellow pages. You can narrow your results to a mileage range with some online directories.

Finally, you want to check with a wedding links website. You can find one locally (often through a newspaper or bridal boutique), or use an internet search engine to get listings of various California wedding flower preservation services. Examples of such engines include:

Before choosing a preservation company, you want to be sure and find out the cost, as well as the approximate amount of time it will take to complete the process. Ask to see examples of previous work so you can choose how you want your flowers displayed (airtight case, display box, etc.). If you create your own display, be prepared to pay extra costs for the custom design.

California Wedding Flower Preservation Services

To give you an idea of what various California flower preservation services have to offer, look into the following companies located throughout the state.

South Bay Floral Preservation

South Bay Floral Preservation will preserve your flowers using a dessicant to dry them and then arrange them in a frame, under a dome or in a shadow box for you. Plan to meet for a consultation before your wedding and put down a $150 deposit. The actual cost for the service is based on your choices and needs.

Use (formerly Bouquets by Birgitta) to preserve your flowers. A range of prices is given for each kind of preservation, ranging anywhere from $95 to upwards of $600 or more. Bouquets can be freeze-dried, pressed, or treated chemically for preservation.

Nature's Beauty

Located in Orange County, California, Nature's Beauty offers bouquet preservation using contemporary techniques, including freeze-drying. The groom's boutonniere is included with no additional cost to customers. For brides who cannot make it to the store, a pick-up service can be utilized for an extra fee. Prices for drying arrangements are in the lower $100 range, and the type of display can range from $80 to $600.

Shanel's Flowers and Frames

Use this acclaimed company to preserve your wedding bouquet. Shanel's Flowers and Frames is located in Campbell, California and offers a variety of custom frames, display cases, and glass domes for you to choose for your flower display. Email or call them before your wedding for a consultation regarding the best flowers for preservation and the cost of what you want to do.

Tips for Flower Preservation

Turning your bouquet into a lasting keepsake is something not to be taken lightly. Make sure your memories will be preserved by doing the following:

  • Arrange for a consultation with your florist or preservationist to choose durable flowers.
  • Take flowers to the preservation company as soon as possible.
  • If you cannot get flowers to the preservationist right away, store them in a paper bag in your refrigerator (check with your particular company for additional storage information).
  • Save additional wedding items, like purse, program, invitation, jewelry, or shoes, to be preserved with the flowers.

Your California preservation specialist may require a deposit or down payment before starting your order. This can range anywhere from $50 to 20 percent or more of your total bill. Make sure you take your credit card or other payment method with you when dropping off the bouquet on the way to your honeymoon.

If you cannot find a California wedding flower preservation company to your liking, many companies offer nationwide services. However, be sure to follow their shipping instructions carefully before sending out the bouquet.

Creating a lasting token of your wedding day is something you want to take seriously. By seeking out a wedding flower preservation expert you trust and taking care of your bouquet, you will have a keepsake to last a lifetime.

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