Brown Bridesmaid Dresses

Brown is a great color for fall.

Brown may not be a common color choice for bridesmaid dresses, but can be classy and elegant for a sophisticated wedding palette. You have many color values of brown from light to dark to choose from for your bridal party attire.

Shades of Brown

Brown comes in a wide range of shades, hues, and tints. Lighter browns include beige, sand, fawn, sepia, almond, espresso, and caramel, while darker tones include cinnamon, chocolate, cocoa, mocha, and ochre. Browns may be tinted with underlying green, red, or yellow hues, or they may have bronze or copper sheens for a brighter, more metallic glint.

Why Choose Brown Bridesmaid Dresses?


There are many reasons brides may choose brown for their bridal party. Brown is a lovely color for a fall wedding, or it may be a quirky play on words for the last name Brown. Lighter brown hues are excellent choices for a beach wedding, and darker shades are warm and bold for winter weddings. In general, lighter shades should be worn for spring and summer celebrations, while darker, richer tones are more appropriate for fall and winter events. Some brides may also select brown as one of their primary wedding colors because they are interested in a natural, ecological theme that is well coordinated with brown shades. Brown is also a beautiful color to pair with an ivory wedding gown because both colors share a warmth and richness that will create a lovely wedding color palette.

A considerate bride may choose brown shades because they are more suitable for her bridesmaids' skin colors and body styles. Brown is a fairly neutral color that can easily look flawless for any skin tone, and darker shades are more forgiving for ample figures.

Accenting Brown Gowns

Very few weddings use a single color for the bridal party dresses; more often than not, the colors of the bridesmaids bouquets, sashes, or other details are chosen to complement the color of their dresses. Brown bridesmaid dresses are easily matched with lighter, more delicate hues such as:

  • White or ivory
  • Yellow or gold
  • Red, burgundy, or pink
  • Light apple or sage green
  • Orange or rust
  • Copper or bronze

Ideally, the accent colors should present a suitable contrast to the primary brown shade so they can be easily seen, but without too stark a contrast that may clash instead of coordinate.

Dress Accents


Many different dress accessories can be coordinated in accent shades, including:

  • Flowers, including bouquets or corsages
  • Hair pins or other hair accessories
  • Bridal jewelry
  • Sashes, shoes, gloves, and other attire pieces
  • Lace, piping, or other fabric details on the gowns

Event Accents

Brown bridesmaid dresses can also coordinate with the natural colors and decorations of the ceremony and reception locations. The following items can all be coordinated with similar brown shades or could be matched to the accent colors that highlight brown dresses:

  • Table linens
  • Chair covers or bows
  • Wood furnishings or wooden beams in the site architecture
  • Chocolate and pink wedding invitations, programs, or other stationery
  • A chocolate wedding cake with dark icing
  • Chocolate wedding favors
  • Candles, centerpieces, and other decorations

With such versatility, it is no surprise that rich, delicious brown shades are growing ever more popular with brides-to-be.

Finding Brown Bridal Party Dresses

Even though the trend toward brown dresses is increasing, finding brown wedding attire can be a challenge. Fortunately, most bridesmaid and bridal gown manufacturers offer a range of shades to choose from and brides may be able to request special colors, including brown shades. Custom designers can also work with any desired color, or wedding attendants can investigate prom and party dresses in various shades of brown.

When Brown is Too Dark

Despite the loveliness of the color, some brides may find brown simply too dark for their wedding plans, but they do not have to give up the color. Instead, they can reverse the accent colors with the primary colors and use rich brown hues as stylish details on lighter shades. Pale green apple dresses, for example, can be paired with a rich mocha sash and shoes, or pink dresses may be accented with sweet chocolate piping or other details.

Brown bridesmaid dresses are elegant and stylish and can serve as a lovely alternative to black attire. With a range of hues suitable for any season, brown dresses are becoming more and more fashionable for discerning brides and their bridesmaids.


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Brown Bridesmaid Dresses