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Deb Ng
Bridesmaids are more than attendants.

Bridesmaids are more than just attendants for your wedding; any gallery of bridesmaid pictures will clearly show that they are also helpers, friends, and confidants for this special day. But who exactly is a bridesmaid, and what does she do?

Bridesmaid History

The very earliest bridesmaids weren't just the bride's friends, they were also her protectors. It was thought that evil spirits might follow a bridal party, but if several women were dressed alike those spirits wouldn't know who was the bride and couldn't cause her harm on her wedding day. Another variation on this wedding legend is that if several women were dressed just like the bride, her old suitors wouldn't know who to kidnap away from the prospective groom.

Modern bridesmaids, however, have different roles to fill. They help with wedding organization and planning, offer the bride a shoulder to cry on when the stress overwhelms her, and are there to support her during this challenging time. At the wedding ceremony, the bridesmaids stand in places of honor next to the bride and serve as official witnesses to the marriage vows. As any woman who has ever been a bridesmaid can attest, however, they also do much more than that.

Gallery of Bridesmaid Pictures

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Bridesmaid Pictures