Free Clipart of Brides and Grooms

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Download bride and groom clipart for your wedding.
Download bride and groom clipart for your wedding.

Using bride and groom clipart is a great way for couples to embellish their wedding-related items. There are many different types of free clipart available for download that will add a personal touch to any of your items.

Download Free Images of Brides and Grooms

Clipart images of brides and grooms can add a special touch to any wedding item. From invitations to programs, clipart can be used just about anywhere. These images are free to download and use for your wedding items. The image can be opened using a free PDF program like Adobe Reader.

If the image will be printed, it is imperative to print a test sample first to ensure the colors show up properly, especially if printing on ivory or colored paper. Printing a sample will also let a couple make adjustments to size and placement if necessary before committing to multiple copies.

Finding Free Wedding Clipart

Another option for finding free clipart is to see what images are available with your computer's word processing program. Be aware that many programs do not have generous collections and offer basic stock images. While these images may be simple, you can print them in color or use a special paper for a more creative look.

You can also find free wedding clipart online at sites such as:

  • Webweaver has an image of a silhouetted bride and groom holding hands against a pink heart.
  • Cool Clips has a great selection of modern, traditional and funny images of brides, grooms and couples.
  • Graphics Factory has over 15 images of brides and grooms. Some you will find are children and bears dressed as brides and grooms, elegant images of couples and bride and groom cutting a wedding cake.
  • EDigg has two pages of bride and groom images including ones of the couple cutting cake, exchanging vows, inside of a heart and with a "Just Married" sign.
  • Fresno Weddings has images of brides, grooms and couples together. Find solo images or ones with the couple with a ring or inside of a heart. There is even an image of an artsy bride and groom.
  • 123RF has royalty free images such as a bride and groom holding heart balloons, a couple on a bike, a bride and groom in a car and bride and groom frogs.

When choosing clipart from a website, be sure to read all terms and conditions. Some websites require that the image be properly credited with a logo or link to the website, and the images must usually be downloaded rather than linked to directly. Some clipart suppliers also prohibit their images from being used commercially, though most couples will not need to worry about that type of application.

LoveToKnow Free Wedding Clipart

Right click on the images below and choose "Save As..." to save them to your hard drive.

Types of Bride and Groom Images

Just as every wedding couple looks different, there are hundreds of different variations on the classic bride and groom for couples to use as clipart images. Popular options include:

  • Nostalgic children dressed as miniature wedding couples
  • Quirky cartoon couples
  • Themed couples, including military or western themes and animals dressed in wedding attire
  • Couples of varied ethnicities
  • Classic, simple silhouettes of the bride and groom
  • Action images of the couple exchanging rings, kissing, dancing, or cutting the cake
  • Processional and recessional scenes
  • Religiously oriented images including the couple praying, breaking a glass in the Jewish tradition, or practicing the African religious wedding tradition of jumping the broom
  • Simple, basic couples or more elaborate designs such as Victorian images
  • Profile, close-up, and full-body images
  • Color and black-and-white images, as well as a variety of clipart animations

A couple should choose clipart that appeals to their tastes and also coordinates with their wedding's formality and theme. A brightly-colored image of ducks in a tuxedo and wedding gown may be funny, but it is not suitable for formal wedding needs. Similarly, a classic, elegant bride in a high-necked, long-sleeved antique gown holding hands with a groom in a top hat and tails tuxedo may be a lovely image, but it could give guests the wrong idea about a casual beach wedding.

Paying for Clipart

Some couples prefer paid clipart for a number of reasons. Many free images can be lower quality, with fewer colors and details, while purchased images may be personalized or can be manipulated more successfully. Paid images are also less common, eliminating the chances that the clipart will be repeatedly used by many couples.

Prices for paid clipart vary from $10-300 per image depending on the quality, size, and type of image, or couples can opt to purchase clipart books or CDs with royalty-free images in a range of wedding themes. Royalty-free artwork, however, is still more popular and more common than individually purchased images. Books and CDs with dozens of applicable royalty-free images range from $15-45 depending on the format and quantity.

Using Wedding Themed Clipart

There are many ways to use the free wedding clipart. Because most clipart images are resizable, they are suitable for a number of different wedding projects, including:

  • Engagement announcements
  • Wedding favor tags
  • Save the date cards
  • Wedding programs
  • Casual wedding invitations
  • Wedding thank you notes
  • Wedding website graphics
  • Wedding newsletters

Add a Personal Touch

Bride and groom free clipart is a great way for couples to add images to their wedding website and stationary without adding another charge to their budget. With hundreds of different images available, there is a suitable image for every couple to use.

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Free Clipart of Brides and Grooms