Swarovski Crystal Bridal Necklaces

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Bridal Swarovski crystal necklaces add extra sparkle to a wedding gown. These stones are cut to provide a stunning glittering effect that will make any bride stand out on her wedding day.

Choosing Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

In the late 19th century, Daniel Swarovski invented a machine to cut crystals that surpassed any manual technique known. Since then, the designs produced by his company have been embraced by couture culture, celebrities, brides, and the average woman. With pieces available in almost any price range, the Swarovski company has made their crystal business one that can help any woman look her best.

A bride who chooses a Swarovski crystal necklace may do so for a number of reasons. She may appreciate the history of the company, the quality of the pieces, the design, the level of quality for the price, or the stunning look it gives her wedding day ensemble.

Buy Bridal Swarovski Crystal Necklaces

Before buying a necklace, snap a photo wearing the wedding dress. Wear hair up or down, as you plan to on your wedding day. Bring these to the store or have them on hand while shopping online. It can help create an image of the total wedding day attire for the bride. Additionally, having a necklace budget can be useful, as the range of prices is fairly wide.

Swarovski Company Stores

Swarovski retailers and boutiques are located across the United States. Additionally, the company website offers a number of necklaces suitable for brides:

  • Caillou Necklace: Part of the Couture Collection, this necklace has a pave crystal chain and features a stunning pendant.
  • Floral Necklace: Pearls enhance this floral necklace design, perfect for a spring or summer wedding.
  • Reversible Necklace: Seven loops with crystal elements on a snake chain, elegant for a bride but simple enough for everyday wear after the wedding, too.
  • Gillian Y-Necklace: An affordable y-necklace with clear crystals.
  • Confetti Necklace: A dramatic necklace with floral elements, it is part of the Bridal Jewellery suggestions.

Bridal Swarovski crystal necklaces will certainly enhance any bride's beauty on the big wedding day. Pick up a necklace and earring set, such as this Henrietta Set, to complete an entire bridal look.

Other Retailers

Swarovski crystal necklaces may also be sold at upscale department stores or through online boutiques. Selections include:

  • Wedding Factory Direct: With a massive selection of Swarovski crystal accesories to choose from, Wedding Factory Direct has a nice range of pendants, single strands, multi-strands, and lariat necklaces, as well as matching earrings, hair accessories and bracelets to choose from for wedding day sparkle.
  • Crystal Classics: This online shop offers a selection of budget-friendly necklace choices for the bride-to-be.
  • USA Bride Shop: Elegant necklace and earring sets of Swarovski crystal are available, each under 100 dollars.

Add a bridal tiara with rhinestones or crystals to create a dazzling effect with jewelry.

Swarovski Company

Swarovski has several jewelry lines available, including home décor. Highlights of the Swarovski company's history of jewelry making, adapted from the company history, are outlined below:

  • 1892: Invention of automated cutting machine by Daniel Swarovski
  • 1956: Innovation of metal-coated crystals which enhance sparkle of crystals by grandson Manfred Swarovski and Christian Dior
  • 1977: First jewelry line, called Swarovski Jeweler's Collection, is launched
  • 1989: Launch of the Daniel Swarovski Couture Line of jewelry and accessories
  • 1993: Crystal mesh, a framed fabric with crystals, and made into bracelets and watches, is created
  • 1999: Signity, a collection of genuine and synthetic stones, is marketed
  • 2004: Development of XILION cut, which creates even more sparkle in stones

Swarovski crystal jewelry has long set the standard for other jewelry designers. Instead of buying an overpriced diamond necklace or buying a cheap costume necklace, choose elegant bridal Swarovski crystal necklaces for the wedding. Bridal jewelry can be passed onto the next generation, and a necklace from Swarovski will be a treasured piece for years to come.

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