Bridal Party Wine Charms

Add charm to your wine selections.

Wine charms for the bridal party are a fun way to decorate your head table without taking away from the ambiance. With so many wine charm themes available, you're sure to find the perfect ones for your bridal party.

The Sensibility of Bridal Party Wine Charms

Everyone is drinking, dancing, and greeting guests. Very few wedding attendants remain seated throughout the reception, which means it is easy to quickly lose track of champagne glasses as the party is peaking. Wine charms are a convenient way to help your favorite people locate their beverage without an annoying hunt and questioning as to whether or not they are stealing a sip from someone else's glass. Charms come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, and you can even order customized ones to fit your wedding's unique theme.

Types of Charms Available

The variety of wine glass charms is huge, and below are only a few of the many types available.

Seashells for the Champagne

Your beach wedding is gorgeous, and with the sun and surf as a backdrop to your big day, no doubt guests and attendants will go for a stroll along the shore. Welcome their return for the champagne toasts with ocean-themed charms, namely seashells. You can designate a different colored shell for each bridesmaid or groomsman, or you can use varying shapes and types. If you can't find ocean-themed charms, consider making your own with shells & wire purchased at your local craft store. You can customize these as much as you want, all the way up to painting the names of your attendants onto the shells.

Wedding Wine Cuteness

Sites like Wedding Accessories sell wedding themed charms that are so cute, your guests will be showing them off to each other. Since they are sold in sets of 8, they are perfect for your bridal party as well. The shapes include a cake, wedding gown, rings, bridal bouquet, and four other adorable designs perfectly fitted to any theme or time of year.

Seasonal Fun

The season in which you choose to get married can determine what sort of bridal party wine charms you should buy. If you are getting married in December, consider miniature Christmas ornaments or snowflakes. The spring? Ceramic flower charms, or even fresh flowers fastened to the glass stems. Summer leaves room for sterling silver flip flops, ceramic sun bursts, or Hawaiian themed charms. Fall brings miniature leaves, acorns, or heart charms in deeply colored hues.

Faith Based

If you are deeply rooted in a certain religion, chances are you may not even have wine at your reception. However, wine charms are still great for flutes set out to hold sparkling cider for the toasts, and there are plenty of faith-based charms available. Small gold crosses, angels, or butterflies are popular with many bridal parties.

You can also purchase small polished stones and paint favorite scripture verses on them, perhaps a verse or quote used in your ceremony. The sky's the limit with religious-based charms, as everyone brings a unique culture and belief system to their charms.

From the Heart

Since you are looking for wedding party wine charms, why not make personalized ones? You can get these made through websites like Custom Wine Charms, or go to your local craft store and get creative on your own. Think of each attendant's likes and dislikes. Favorite colors? Significant hobbies? An inside joke between the two of you? Whether you add their names to the charm or go more elaborate with special meanings and symbolic décor, the fact you take the time to make each charm personalized will count for a lot.

Due to the "charm" of bridal party wine charms, consider including them in your budget and upcoming wedding reception. Small accents can go a long way in adding to your overall theme.

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Bridal Party Wine Charms