Bridal Party Roles

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Wedding party

Do you know the different bridal party roles? If you've ever been to a wedding, you're sure to have noticed the bride isn't the only one to walk down the aisle. Her entrance is usually preceded by the wedding party. Who are all of these people, and what are they doing there? Read on for a description of wedding party roles.

Maid of Honor's Role

The Maid of Honor is someone very special to the bride. The person entrusted with this most important title is generally a sister or very close friend. In other words, someone who the bride knows is equal to the task. Duties of the Maid of Honor include

  • Accompanying the bride on shopping trips, especially when choosing a dress or veil
  • Throwing the bridal shower if a family member is not already doing so
  • Helping the bride to write out and address invitations, place cards, and other handwritten correspondence
  • Coordinating the bridal gift given by the bridal party
  • Accompanying the bride to the hairdresser or manicurist before the wedding
  • Helping the bride to dress before the wedding
  • Participating in the wedding processional
  • Holding the groom's wedding ring
  • Helping to make sure the bride's dress is positioned correctly throughout the ceremony
  • Holding the bride's flowers
  • Participating in the receiving line
  • Helping with the bustle
  • Witnessing the marriage by signing the wedding certificate
  • Dances with the best man at the wedding reception

Best Man's Role

The Best Man is also someone special. He's close to the groom, perhaps a trusted brother or best friend. His tasks include:

  • Organizing the bachelor party
  • Coordinating the couple's gift from the groomsmen
  • Assisting the groom in choosing his tuxedo
  • Helping the groom to dress before the wedding
  • Holding the bride's wedding ring
  • Witnessing the marriage by signing the wedding certificate
  • Participating in the receiving line
  • Toasting the happy couple at the wedding reception
  • Dancing with the Maid of Honor at the wedding reception
  • Returning the grooms tuxedo to the rental location
  • Making sure the Happy Couple has transportation to the airport, hotel or honeymoon destination

Bridesmaids' Roles

Bride and bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are also entrusted with important tasks. Their roles include:

  • Attending the shower
  • Contributing to bridal gifts
  • Walking in the wedding processional
  • Participating in the receiving line
  • Dancing with groomsmen
  • Mingling with the wedding guests

Groomsmen's Roles

Groomsmen, or ushers, have tasks similar to that of the bridesmaids. They include:

  • Attending the bachelor party
  • Contributing to gifts for the groom
  • Seating wedding guests
  • Unrolling the wedding runner, if one is used
  • Walking in the wedding processional
  • Participating in the receiving line
  • Dancing with bridesmaids
  • Mingling with the wedding guests

Flower Girl's Role

Because the flower girl is usually a very young child, not much is expected. The flower girl will usually carry a basket of flowers during the wedding processional and may even toss wedding petals on the ground to mark the bride's entrance.

Ring Bearer's Role

Like the flower girl, the ring bearer is generally a young child and isn't entrusted with too much responsibility. In most cases he'll walk next to the Flower Girl during the wedding processional while holding a pillow on which the wedding rings are sewn.

A Position of Honor

It's an honor to be included in the bridal party, so make sure you understand your role before you accept. After all, the bride and groom will depend on you to carry out your role and help ensure their wedding is a beautiful event to remember.

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Bridal Party Roles