Overview of the Best Bridal Magazines

bridal magazines

In this bridal magazine overview, you'll find a brief idea of what you can expect from some of the most popular wdding publications today. These magazines are some of the best resources for brides-to-be, from inspiring photographs and wedding stories to specific information regarding retailers and honeymoon destinations. Easily tucked into a purse, bag, or briefcase, bridal magazines can assist even the busiest bride in making her wedding day go smoothly from start to finish.

Martha Stewart Weddings

A bridal magazine overview would not be complete without mention of Martha Stewart Weddings, which continues to be one of the highest rated wedding publications available. Packed with advice, articles, project guides, and do-it-yourself suggestions, this magazine is one that can help today's smart brides create a beautiful, elegant wedding even with budget restrictions. Martha Stewart Weddings proves that being cost-conscious doesn't mean sacrificing class. Reasonably priced, this bridal magazine gives you 4 issues per twelve month period. The accompanying Martha Stewart Weddings website also includes wedding basics, information for the bride and groom, lots of advice and ideas on wedding necessities like flowers, décor, favors, and cakes, as well as a section for Martha Stewart's signature 'good things.'

Bridal Guide

Another highly acclaimed wedding magazine, Bridal Guide offers breathtaking and inspiring photos along with ample advice, articles, honeymoon information, and much more for today's brides. Longer than the average magazine, Bridal Guide is a high-quality bridal magazine with a little price tag for twelve-month subscription featuring six issues. The easy-to-navigate Bridal Guide website includes sections on wedding etiquette and traditions, budgeting and planning, beauty and fashion, and destination weddings. Helpful home and wedding registry information and links, relationship advice, and real wedding stories round out this savvy site.


Brides magazine is another reasonably priced and highly rated publication. Like the Bridal Guide, Brides publishes six issues per twelve-month subscription. With an upbeat tone that speaks to every-day brides, Brides offers question and answer sections along with advice, planning calendars, information on destination weddings, and much more. The Brides website features many sections similar to Bridal Guide, including fashion, beauty, style, etiquette, planning, registry related information, shopping links, honeymoon advice, and real wedding stories.

Modern Bride

Modern Bride features articles, advice, and stunning photography with a reasonable price. Brides has more planning-related information in their informative approach and inclusion of calendars, but for many brides, finding inspiration outweighs the importance of a planning calendar in a bridal magazine as this information is readily available via the internet today. Modern Bride's website also includes many of the aforementioned categories and publishes six issues per twelve month period.

Elegant Bride

The most expensive publication in this bridal magazine overview, Elegant Bride is a pricier but nonetheless popular bridal magazine. While retail suggestions for bridal attire and wedding items in the magazine may be overpriced for typical bridal budgets, the high quality articles and stunning photography provide information, interest, and inspiration. Published four times per calendar year, Elegant Bride offers ample illustration on achieving a stylish and well-designed wedding. Elegant Bride's website contains categories to assist brides with fashion, beauty, planning, gift and registry information, reception and décor information, and articles on real weddings.

More Magazines

Gift Subscriptions

While most of today's wedding magazines are reasonably priced, many also offer gift subscription options, so you could always drop a hint with your maid of honor and bridesmaids. Even with the wide availability of wedding resources on the Internet, nothing is like fresh dress designs and hottest honeymoon destinations featured on their glossy pages. Whether your wedding is small or large, formal or low-key, bridal magazines are wonderful resources to put all the details of your wedding in place, from the rehearsal dinner to the first romantic kiss of your honeymoon!

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Overview of the Best Bridal Magazines