Black and White Wedding Clipart

Amy Hoover
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Black and white wedding clipart is something you may want to have on hand for use throughout the wedding planning process. If you are a do-it-yourself (DIY) bride or groom, clipart comes in handy when you want to put a unique twist onto the wedding stationary and more. Choose one or two coordinating graphics and use them throughout the wedding for a thematic look.

Versatility of Black and White

While you can find wedding clipart in a number of different colors, shades, and tones, black and white remains popular despite the excellence of colored printers. Black and white clipart is versatile for a number of reasons:

  • Black printer ink is sometimes cheaper than colored printer ink.
  • The colors are formal and therefore perfect to use on anything for a formal wedding, even if you haven't picked out your wedding color scheme yet.
  • Black and white graphics stand out, especially in contrast to brightly colored papers.
  • You can often change the black or white portion of the graphic to another solid color by using your computer paint or graphics program.
  • Images often look sharper in black and white compared to color.
  • Black and white are typical colors for any sort of graphic, like a bride and groom. However, a neon green bride and groom may not look quite right.

Black and white clipart offers the DIY couple plenty of options for use in their wedding planning process. Incorporate the clipart into a number of wedding related accessories and stationary to get the most out of the graphics.

LoveToKnow Black and White Wedding Clip Art

You can download each piece of clip art as a pdf, download all the black and white wedding clip art in one pdf, or simply right click on the images below and choose "Save As..." to save them to your hard drive.

Find Wedding Clipart

Wedding clipart in black and white is often available for sale in stores that carry stationary design software for your home computer. However, the internet is a fast source for finding exactly the clipart you want. While not all of the wedding clipart is free, you can often find graphics cheap or as part of a trial membership to websites. Read details carefully before downloading to avoid charges or copyright violations.

Black and white wedding clipart is often scattered throughout images and graphics in color. Try searching through these websites for clipart:

If you know a specific piece of clipart you are looking for to use in your wedding, try doing a search for the name of the item plus the words black and white clipart or the item plus wedding clipart. For example, type in wedding ring clipart and the words black and white to find rings in black and white.

Converting to Black and White Wedding Clipart

Because not all wedding clipart is black and white to begin with, it will help to know how to convert colored clipart to black and white. A number of programs offer this option, but the instructions below are for converting to black and white in Adobe Photoshop Photoshop and many other programs will operate in a similar way.

  1. Drag the clipart into Photoshop and open.
  2. Flatten the image, if it needs it.
  3. Go to Image, then select Mode and then click on "Grayscale." It will ask if you want to discard all color, so click on yes.
  4. Make any other changes (cropping, lightening/darkening, etc.) that need to be done.
  5. Save the image, making sure that the "embed color" box is NOT checked when you click save.

By changing a colored image to black and white, you will have a wider range of choices when it comes to clipart. Be sure to check the license agreement before changing the color; some websites do not allow alterations like this to be done with their artwork.

Use Wedding Clipart

Put your black and white clipart to good use in a number of fun ways in your wedding. Try:

Black and white wedding clipart is a versatile graphic for couples going the DIY route for wedding stationary and accessories. Use the internet to find the widest selection and use it throughout the wedding itself for a coordinated and elegant look.

Black and White Wedding Clipart