Jokes for the Best Man's Speech

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The best man's speech for the wedding reception can include jokes. A speech with one or more jokes may break the ice. If properly done, the best man's jokes can ease guests into a festive celebration.

Best Man Joke Ideas

When using a joke during a speech, the best man should ensure that it is not crude, is suitable for all ages, and that it doesn't reveal too much or something private about the couple. Some ideas for jokes include:

Growing Joke

Hi everyone, I'm the best man. Since groom began dating bride, I've seen him grow in innumerable ways - like in his stomach because of the bride's wonderful cooking.

On the Hook Joke

Hello! I'm ____________________, and today I had the privilege of acting as groom's best man. It's a privilege I'm very excited about, because it means that groom is on the hook for my future wedding. So, groom, get ready to tie 100 tiny pink bows on individual bags of truffles in a few years.

Changes Joke

Hi there, I'm _____________________, the best man. Bride and groom's relationship has been filled with many changes to groom. For example, he no longer wears a pocket protector or calls his cell phone his "phoney phone." For that, bride, we all thank you.

Smell Fear Joke

Hi, I'm ______________________, the best man. I'm quite nervous right now, and I'm sorry for all of you sitting nearby me. I think I've now taught you that you can, in fact, smell fear.

Late Groom Joke

I'm _____________________, the best man. I must admit that, when groom asked me to act as his best man, I was a little nervous. I wasn't nervous because I didn't think that he and bride were a perfect fit, but because groom is always late and has no sense of direction - which would make my main job of getting him to the church quite difficult!

When to Use Jokes

Many a best man has chosen to use a joke in his speech because he is uncomfortable expressing his heartfelt wishes for the happy couple. Gentle humor shows affection for the couple, acceptance of the groom's new position in life, and the best man's appreciation for the position of honor bestowed upon him.

Weddings Appropriate for Jokes

Weddings in which a joke is likely to be appreciated include:

  • Small, casual weddings with only close family and friends.
  • Weddings celebrating a fun-loving couple that enjoys humor in their relationship.
  • Weddings when both families already know each other well and are comfortable lowering their guard.

These weddings are suited for jokes because of their private nature and the fact that guests are comfortable and relaxed.

Inappropriate Weddings for Jokes

There are weddings in which jokes may not be acceptable, like:

  • Formal affairs with prestigious guests and lengthy guest lists.
  • Weddings with couples who are more reserved and proper in their demeanor.
  • Weddings involving cultures in which jokes are deemed inappropriate or rude.
  • Weddings where the families have only recently met and may not be familiar with each other's foibles.

What Types of Jokes to Use

Once a best man has determined if jokes will be welcome in his speech, he has to be sure the jokes will be suitable.

Good Jokes to Make

There are many types of appropriate best man speech jokes:

  • Gentle jabs at the groom's quirks: This creates a lighthearted mood in which everyone can have a chuckle at the groom's expense.
  • References to the groom's luck in brides: Note how the groom is lucky to have found a doting bride to deal with his eccentricities.
  • Recounting of well-known humorous stories about the couple: Choosing a story that has frequently shared before but that everyone attending the festivities may not have heard ensures that the couple is comfortable with the story being told.
  • General jokes about marriage: Keep in mind, however, that no joke should refer to paying off wedding bills, honeymoon intimacy, or starting a family.

Jokes to Avoid

Not all jokes should be made at a wedding. Inappropriate humor can cast a sour mood over an event, ostracize the best man, and alienate the newlyweds' families, not to mention destroy the relationship that led the groom to ask the best man to stand up with him in the first place. Jokes to stay away from include:

  • Vulgar or ribald jokes with adult content or foul language. These are best left unspoken or restricted to an intimate party, such as the bachelor party, and not in front of parents, siblings, coworkers, and friends.
  • Jokes made at the expense of either the groom's or bride's dignity and well-being. While some mild embarrassment can be funny, a private embarrassment - perhaps an incident that was shared in confidence between two close friends - should be kept private.
  • Racial, ethnic, or social slur jokes should be avoided completely, because some guests may find them offensive.

Delivering Your Best Man Speech

If you are nervous about giving a speech, know that the couple and their families' personalities are lighthearted, or feel that a joke would properly reflect the wedding's mood, feel free to include a joke or two in your best man speech. Doing so can engage the guests and enhance the content of your speech.

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