Gifts for the Best Man

Stainless steel flask for the best man

Best man gifts are usually personal since he is a close friend or family member chosen for this special role in your wedding. You can choose a gift that is extra special for your best man by considering his interests and personality.

Why Give a Gift to the Best Man?

Giving a gift to the best man is customary in many weddings. The best man has many duties -- he may help the groom with wedding details, host a bachelor party, and be a valuable part of the wedding itself. The best man is also one of the people the groom has probably confided in regarding pre-wedding jitters, and probably there for the groom throughout the engagement process as well.

As a close friend or family member, the best man has most likely been a special part of the groom's life for a long time -- and a gift can let him know how much he is appreciated.

Traditional Best Man Gifts

Best man gifts have long been a part of weddings, and there are a variety of items that are commonly or frequently given. Traditional gifts for the best man may are often monogrammed, engraved, or in some other way personalized.

Traditional gifts may be useful, but also serve as lasting and memorable reminders of the wedding and of the groom's and best man's special relationship.

Some of the traditional best man gifts available include:

Silver mug for the best man
  • Engraved Flask
  • Personalized Pocketknife
  • Personalized Accessory or Travel cases
  • Classic or Sport Watch
  • Personalized Silver or Glass Mug
  • Barware Items
  • Engraved Lighter
  • Specialty Money Clip
  • Monogrammed Keepsake Box
  • Silver or Gold Keychain
  • Engraved Cuff Links
  • A Unique Watch

Unique Gift Ideas

There is no rule requiring you to give the best man a flask -- especially if he doesn't drink! -- or some other traditional gift. Many grooms choose gifts that are more on the fun side. Fun plaques or trophies, poker-themed, or sports gifts are popular contemporary ideas.

Unique best man gifts often come from thinking about the best man himself. Does he love hiking and the great outdoors? Maybe a rugged, personalized backpack would be a good choice. A classic movie buff? Look for memorabilia from his favorite flick.

For a fun and funky gift, surprise the bet man with a caricature from a bachelor party photo, a customized t-shirt, or personalized playing cards. For gifts that keep on giving, try a coffee, wine, or beer-of-the- month club gift.

Some other non-traditional gift ideas include:

  • Monogrammed Coolers or Lunchboxes
Image of a silver business card case
  • Personalized CD Case
  • Engraved Backgammon or Chess sets
  • Electronic handheld games
  • Vintage Winekeeper
  • Silver business card cases
  • Classy travel alarm clocks
  • Specialty photo frames or albums
  • Dresser Valets
  • Desk clocks or paperweights
  • Leather passport holders
  • Personalized Barbeque Kits
  • Monogrammed Duffel Bags

How Much to Spend

Best man gifts are available in a wide variety of prices. Many gifts for the best man or groomsman can be found anywhere from twenty dollars to several hundred dollars. The amount you spend depends on your budget and the type of gift you choose. You can choose a very personal gift with a low cost.

Cards and Notes

Cards or notes of appreciation go a long way when giving best man gifts. Whether you choose a simple keychain, tickets for sports event, or a collection of photos, any gift you give to your best man should be accompanied by a personal note or card.

Shopping Links

The advent of Internet shopping make sit easier than ever before to find great gifts for guys online. A few sites with good best man and groomsmen gift selections include:


Do you have a story about gifts that did or didn't work for the best man? Feel free to post this or other related thoughts in the comments section!

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