Beaded Wedding Bouquets

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A wedding bouquet that's beaded creates a stunning and unique option for brides wanting non-traditional floral bouquets. The beaded accents of the wedding bouquet add sparkle and flair to conventional wedding bouquets.

Why Choose Beads

Brides may choose a beaded bouquet for many reasons. Its glittering elegance is stunningly unique, and beaded bouquets - while they may cost as much or more than traditional floral arrangements - are a better value than fresh flowers because they can be kept as mementos or keepsakes without wilting or needing additional preservation. Non-floral bouquets are a great option for brides who may be allergic to real flowers, and with many different designs available, beaded bouquets can easily match any wedding décor - or even the exquisite detail on the wedding dress itself.

Beaded Wedding Bouquet Types

Beaded bouquets come in a range of styles and options, including:

  • Bead Sprays: These contemporary creations are the easiest to make and offer simple elegance with their minimalist style. Beads are strung along sturdy wire to create a plume of sparkles, either with beads solely at the tops of the wires or strung along the entire length. The ends are typically wrapped in ribbon to coordinate with the wedding colors.
  • Beaded Rose
    Beaded Flowers: A more intricate look is to create entire blooms from carefully strung beads. These bouquets may require hundreds of hours of work and thousands of beads to complete, but the effect is stunning and timeless. Beaded flowers can be made to resemble any type of real bloom in any color, and different blooms can be combined to create the look of a traditional bouquet if desired.
  • Integrated Bead Accents: Some real flower bouquets use coordinated bead accents to add glitter and sophistication to a traditional arrangement. Simple bead sprays could be woven into the bouquet, or individual beads could be attached strategically to flowers, such as accenting the core of a large bloom or adding glitter to stately petals.
  • Beaded Bouquet Accessories: Choosing beaded accessories such as dangling ribbons or a beaded wrap to bind real flowers into a bouquet is a quick and easy way to add the glitter of beads to a standard bouquet.

Finding Beaded Bouquets

Several bead artisans offer beaded wedding bouquets for sale and may be willing to match preferred wedding colors to create a unique bouquet. Beads come in a variety of options, including crystal, glass, plastic, faceted, smooth, and pearl finishes, so it is easy to create a custom look to match any bride's preferences. Retailers offering bouquets for sale include:

Making Your Own

Brides with a do-it-yourself attitude can make their own beaded bouquets after learning basic bead stringing techniques. Instructions for making simple bouquets can be found on eHow, with additional resources on LoveToKnow Crafts. Additional bead bouquet craft tips include:

  • Choose beads that will match the wedding décor and colors. Additional beads can be used to create coordinating accents on the wedding veil, the dress, gloves, or other bridal accessories, including bridal jewelry.
  • Choose different sizes and shapes of beads to provide variation and textural interest to the finished project, but avoid using too many different beads that could make the bouquet look jumbled and uncoordinated.
  • Wrap the ends of the wires and the base of the bouquet carefully to prevent any sharp protruding edges that could snag a wedding gown or cause cuts to unprotected hands.
  • Store finished bouquets carefully to prevent warping the wires, and keep the bouquets covered to avoid accumulating dust.

Other Flowers to Make

tiger lily

In addition to making alternative wedding bouquets from beads, beaded bouquets can be lovely unique bridesmaid bouquets. Add beaded accents to wedding reception centerpieces and to the wedding cake to coordinate the motif. Beaded corsages also make lovely gifts for the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom, as well as other bridal party members. Simple beaded bouquets - perhaps made as practice before creating the wedding bouquet - can also be used for the wedding rehearsal.

Additional Alternatives

While beads may be a fun and unique option for bridal bouquets, they may not be appropriate for every wedding. Additional alternative materials for wedding bouquets include flowers crafted from wood, origami paper, candy, ribbons, cookies, or more conventional silk wedding flowers.

A beaded wedding bouquet can be created weeks or months before a wedding and will add a creative and unique sparkle to the celebration. Whether the entire bouquet is made from glittering beads or if beads are used as delicate accents, this unique touch can help any couple create a personalized and memorable event.

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