Beach Wedding Vows

Find the right words for your beach ceremony.

Wedding vows made in a beach setting are extra romantic. You can customize your wedding vows to match your seaside theme or find inspiration in nautical themed poetry. There are many free wedding vow offerings to help you find just the right words to express your love.

Choosing Beach Wedding Vows

When you are deciding upon your vows, be sure to include your fiancé in the planning process. While many brides love the idea of writing wedding vows, your groom may feel helpless and tongue tied when it comes to expressing his love for you in words - especially in front of all your friends and family. On the other hand, a normally shy and reserved man may surprise you by encouraging you to write your own vows for your big day together. You never know until you brainstorm as a couple, so don't leave him out of the process.

If you have decided to write your own vows, then you will need to spend a lot of time in thought and reflection to decide what to write. However, if you are looking for some assistance in finding great pre-written vows, or just want to modify the traditional exchange, then the ideas below may help you.

Spicing Up Tradition

Many priests, pastors, and other professional wedding officiates will join you at the beach for your nuptials per your request. If this is what you choose to do, chances are they will have a good idea of what they typically hear at weddings. They will provide you with traditional wedding vows. Work together with a friend or family member if you wish to just spice these up a bit. It may be as simple as modernizing the wording, depending upon what you are hoping for.

Nautical Themed Love

If you would like to keep in time with your ocean themed wedding, your vows can be creative and poetic, perfect for a seaside ceremony. Beautiful words such as…

The choice is made, and now I swim In a far different sea, The shores of which are bright green hills Raised up for you and me. (from a poem by Nicholas Gordon)

…can a special flair to your ceremony. Beach wedding vows can be constructed through the borrowing of copyright free poems and stories, weaving together a special exchange that is unique and meaningful to you as a couple, instead of a tired mainstream routine.


Free Beach Vows

If you would prefer to look at a variety of wedding vows at once, the Internet is an outstanding resource. There are countless websites available to find free wedding vows.

You can also enlist a friend to write vows for you, if you know someone artistic enough to do so.

What to Avoid

All wedding guests enjoy romantic vows and funny stories, but take caution when combining the two. Jokes may fall flat with some, and it is always best to stay classy and appropriate when delivering vows in front of everyone you know. A little humor is fine, but keep your friends and family in mind.

Also, consider the length of your vows. It is often difficult to hear the bride and groom speak at weddings, and with the roar of the ocean behind you, it can be even more difficult. Keeping in mind that only the first few rows may be able to hear your vows, keep it short and sweet. Have a lot to say? Write it in a letter and read it to your new spouse after the wedding if you can catch some alone time, or find a creative way to deliver it through a friend.

Beach wedding vows can be whatever you dream up. The sky's the limit when it comes to the words exchanged on your special day.

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Beach Wedding Vows