Beach Wedding Stickers for Favor Bags

Beach wedding favor bags

The right stickers for favor tags make a beach wedding or beach themed wedding complete. Selecting the right decals for your beach wedding favor bags takes some consideration but your guests will appreciate the effort and your attention to detail.

Selecting Favor Bag Stickers

The finer details can make all the difference in your presentation. Adding an elegant touch to your beach wedding favors is a great way to create a polished look. Neatly arranged bags with clean designs are ideal for stickers that put the finishing touch on the project.

The stickers should fit the theme of the wedding and they should reflect your personality as a couple. Some considerations to make include:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Texture
  • Pattern
  • Theme within a Theme


Color is a critical factor in your selection and a beach-inspired wedding theme offers a wealth of options to consider. Soft ivory, ocean blue, and sandy beige are popular choices for this theme. Of course, white is always an option as well. The beach wedding stickers for favor bags should stay within your color scheme.

Size, Texture, and Pattern

Some stickers are dainty and unassuming while others are quite formidable. Beach themed wedding decorations offer many opportunities for you to use color, pattern, and texture to grab attention or to add a subtle touch to the favors. As a rule of thumb, pair ornate bags with simple favor stickers.

Theme Within a Theme

tropical wedding favor

A beach theme wedding is a popular choice for many brides but there are themes within this category to consider. Some couples prefer a casual feel with playful elements that reflect sense of humor while others strive for classic sophistication. Though selection is scant for beach wedding stickers for favor bags, you can suit casual as well as formal styles.

Weddings often have a theme within a theme to pinpoint aspects of the couples' personal tastes. A beach theme wedding offers opportunities to select an underlying theme that stands above the rest.

  • Beach Environment: Ocean, sand, sun, seashells, pearls, marine life
  • Beach Necessities: Towels, flip flops, bathing suits, sunglasses, beach chairs, beach umbrellas
  • Nautical: Sailboat, helm, sails, lighthouse, yacht

One beach wedding may focus on the sand and sea while another may make the most of attire worn in the beach environment. It helps to stay true to your focus. If you are drawn to seashells, try to incorporate them into your details. A starfish sticker would be more suitable than flip-flop stickers in this case.

Ideas for beach weddings may fall into underlying themes. Pairing stickers to the focus is a great way to ensure that you don't introduce too many elements in one setting.

Finding Beach Wedding Stickers for Favor Bags

Finding beach stickers for wedding favor bags can be challenging. Options tend to be limited but you can have custom-made stickers created if you prefer.

  • offers a starfish wedding sticker available in 16 different colors. The design is clean and simple.
  • The "Of all the fish in the sea" sticker offered by Good Things Wedding Favors is a playful selection though limiting as far as color selection.
  • The beach wedding heart sticker sold by Zazzle offers a lovely photo-image of a shell and starfish on a sandy beach setting. The stickers are 1.5 inches wide and can be customized with the couple's names and wedding date.
  • Zazzle sells a tropical sunset wedding sticker in aqua blue, available in large and small sizes. The site also has a stunning sunset rainbow sticker that appears to be deep blue ocean water in front of a setting sun. When you look closer, you see that the water is actually a close up of a blue violet orchid petal.

You Can Always Go Custom

There may be few choices, but you can create wonderful details through a custom label company if you are so inclined. This approach is pricey but you can work with the company for all of your printing needs in order to create a cohesive look for your wedding favors.

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Beach Wedding Stickers for Favor Bags