Beach Wedding Parasols

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Bride on the beach with a pink parasol

Using a beach wedding parasol can help you and your guests stay cool and add a touch of simple elegance to a sandy wedding theme.

Parasols for the Bride

A parasol can make a great bridal accessory. Whether it is an alternative to a wedding bouquet or used for photographic effects, it is an interesting element to use at a beach wedding.

Brides who want to use a parasol as a beach wedding accessory should choose one that reflects the tone of the wedding. Although a theme unto itself, a beach wedding might also be Asian-inspired or island themed. Weddings held on the beach can be informal gatherings or elegant galas. Pick out a parasol that reflects the overall tone of your wedding. You may also want to consider your beach wedding dress design and wedding colors when picking out a parasol. Choices include:

A large number of parasols, from Chinese to henna to color to bejeweled, are available through Luna Bazaar. Some have discounts when bought in bulk, making them perfect for giving to guests and bridesmaids.

Beach Wedding Parasols for Guests and Maids

Bridal party on the boardwalk with parasols

A bride is not the only one who needs shade from the sun at a beach wedding. Cute parasols make great gifts for bridesmaids, can be used in photos, and are a unique bridesmaid bouquet idea. Colored parasols are great choices for bridesmaids and can match the bridal party dresses.

Guests will appreciate parasols, as they often arrive early for the ceremony and must sit in the warm sun. Place parasols at the end of the main aisle in buckets for guests to take as needed, or alongside each seating row.

Keep your budget in mind when purchasing parasols for guests to use. Even bridal party parasols can be found cheaper than a bride's beach wedding parasol, helping you stay in budget. Consider any of the following parasols:

  • Nylon Wedding Parasols: At under 10 dollars each, these parasols come in blue, green, orange, pink, purple and white - perfect for a summer wedding and nice enough for bridesmaids to carry.
  • Hand Painted Parasol: Despite a slight Asian theme, these brightly colored parasols would look lovely in the hands of any guest at a beach wedding.
  • Paper Parasols: Simple white parasols that will not detract from other beach wedding decorations.
  • Mulberry Paper Parasols: With over 10 designs and colors to choose from, you will surely find the right color parasol for your wedding.

Parasol Favors and Accessories

Parasols are not just for sun shade or photos. You can incorporate them into many other aspects of your wedding. For beach themed weddings that are inland, hang them from the ceiling and behind the head table at the reception for a pretty effect. Cocktail parasols can be added to drinks, of course, but also can be incorporated into a fabulous floral reception centerpiece.

Couples who will have a lot of children at their wedding reception might want to set up a parasol painting station (Paint-your-own rice paper parasols are available at Have a large table with plenty of old shirts and aprons in a corner of the reception. Ask a responsible adult (or two, so they can switch off to enjoy the reception) to supervise the painting station. Be sure to pick up thank you gifts for the people who helped out.

You can also choose to add beach wedding parasol graphics to your beach wedding invitations, stationary and thank you notes. A small parasol can even top a beach wedding cake.

With many sizes, colors, and options to choose from, a parasol is a practical and beautiful accessory for many beach weddings, no matter what the formality or theme.

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Beach Wedding Parasols