Beach Wedding Decorations

shell decorations
Shells enhance a beach theme.

Beach wedding plans should include decorations that fit the overall style and colors of your nuptial celebration. When shopping for beach decorations choose ones that complement the natural beauty and romance of a surfside wedding ceremony.

Examples of Beach Wedding Decorations

Plenty of beachy decorations are perfect for a themed wedding, whether it's on the ocean or you're creating the atmosphere far away from the waves.

Beach Decorations

Use this list of decorations to get started decorating:

  • Sea shells: Place cleaned shells on tables, in corners, and even on top of the wedding cake.
  • Driftwood: Position driftwood where no one will trip over the pieces, but where they can be observed and appreciated.
  • Starfish: Like shells, starfish can be placed on tables or strategically placed on floors and walls. Hang them from the ceiling with fishing line. Buy plastic, multi-colored starfish from Toomey's Mardi Gras.
  • Nets: Hang nets on the walls or lattice work. Then hang shells, starfish and even buoys on the netting for a nautical flair.
  • Buoys: Place in vintage buoys in corners or even use them as centerpieces.
  • Pearls: Fill shells, starfish and other decorations with simulated pearls. Visit Shipwreck Beads for tons of pearl variety.
  • Anchors: Arrange a large anchor near the "altar" area. Hang foam anchor replicas from the walls.
  • Ropes: Hang from walls or nets. Use ropes to lead guest to seating areas or to the wedding facilities from a parking lot.
  • Oars: Place a stack of leaning oars in a corner.
  • Life rings: Have life rings personalized at a store like Seventh Avenue.
  • Surf or boogie boards: Lean boards against walls or use them a tables for holding food.

Creative Decor by Location

Get creative with your decorations and place them in these important locations.

  • Food tables: Pour a pile of tan, raw sugar on a dessert table. Arrange seashell-shaped bowls of fruit bites in the "sand."
  • Gift table: Arrange a wooden chest, like a treasure chest in the center of the table. Scatter gold doubloons and driftwood around the chest.
  • Archways: Cover archways with white tulle and seashell "fairy" lights. You'll make the venue look like a magical ocean.
  • Tents/canopies: Hang strands of simulated pearls from the tent opening, draping them back to avoid tripping guests. At either side of the tent opening, place plastic or concrete seagulls.

Centerpiece Ideas

starfish centerpiece

For simple beach wedding centerpieces, fill crystal or glass bowls with any variety of the following:

  • Sand
  • Glass marbles
  • Pearls
  • Small sea shells
  • Small starfish

A glass or crystal votive can be placed in the middle of the centerpiece with a candle inside. The lit candle will reflect off the shells and the marbles making a beach bonfire effect.

Tropical flowers also make wonderful centerpieces. Your florist is sure to have many suggestions. Let him know of the theme and ask to see pictures of other such centerpieces. Store sample books will give you many ideas.

Outdoor Beach Decor

A wedding on the beach is beautiful in and of itself. However, a few special touches can take it to the next level.


Beach Wedding Ideas

Tie ribbons around the back of the folding chairs set up for the beach wedding ceremony. Instead of a bow, attach a cluster of shells and starfish to the center of the ribbon. Make sure the altar area is set apart by decorating it to look like a dock, or use columns and archways covered in tropical flowers.


Flaming tiki torches can be placed along the perimeter of the reception area - away from anything that can cause a fire. Use seaweed to cover reception tent or canopy supports for a rustic feel; otherwise, cover in netting with lights and tulle.

If the reception isn't being held on the beach, sand can be brought in and strewn on the ground. Add a few faux palm trees and some fountains that mimic the sound of the ocean to create the right atmosphere.

Beautiful Beach Weddings

Weddings on the beach are beautiful due to the natural beauty. Enhance your ceremony and reception by using themed beach decorations that will tie the event together perfectly.

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Beach Wedding Decorations