Basket Weave Wedding Rings

gold basket weave wedding rings

Wedding rings with a distinctive basket weave design are a great choice for a bridal couple searching for something unique. This ring style is available in several designs, metals and finishes.

About Basket Weave Wedding Rings

Rings categorized as basket weave styles are typically those whose design includes an overlapping, layering, or other interlacing or crossing feature. The design is often emphasized on the exterior, allowing the underside of the ring to remain smooth and allow for engraving, if desired. Some styles, however, may have the design completely incorporated into both sides of the ring. Designs may be formed from the metal itself, etched, or carved, and even inlaid in some rings.

For many couples, the interlacing design is significant because it represents the traditional meshing of their two separate lives into one marital union.

Metals and Finishes

Like many other wedding ring styles, basket weave rings are available in many types of metals. These include:

  • White gold
  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold
  • Black Hills gold
  • Italian gold
  • Silver and gold combinations
  • Two-tone gold
  • Platinum
  • Titanium

Finishes also vary and can lend a very unique character to the rings. A classic polished luster is often used, and antique' or vintage finishes are popular with ornate or vintage style weaves. A brushed or satin finish provides a soft and beautiful look. Distressed finishes are available on select rings; these offer a modernistic flair.

Gemstone Accents

Although many basket weave wedding rings are bands made with metal only, some are designed with gemstone accents. These may be inlaid in parts of the weaving and may include diamonds, blue topaz, garnets, or other gemstones.

Basket Weave Style Rings Available

Many jewelers offer basket weave style wedding rings. If don't find the specific look you want, however, you may have to design custom jewelry. The following basket weave rings are available at various retailers.

Pricing for basket weave and other unique wedding ring styles depends on a wide array of factors, including the material, the size, the intricacy of the design, the craftsmanship (whether the ring is handmade or machine pressed), whether there are any accents such as gemstones, and more. You can find a simple plaited style in 14K gold for a few hundred dollars, or you can spend significantly more on an upscale ring like the Scott Kay platinum band (mentioned previously) and pay several thousand. The choice will depend on your personal budget and preferences.

Care and Cleaning

Always follow the manufacturer's or jeweler's instructions on cleaning for your particular ring. Most rings are durable enough to withstand daily use, but consider removing your rings when dealing with any type of chemical cleaner or when doing tasks that might allow dirt to lodge in the crevices of the ring's design, such as gardening.

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