Autumn Theme Weddings

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Weddings with an Autumn theme provide brides with a rich color palette of burnt orange, golden yellows, bright reds and russet hues. Another reason to choose Autumn for your wedding theme is the various sub-themes of this transitional season, such as fall harvest, Halloween and Thanksgiving. These holidays and events lend themselves to a stunning and memorable wedding filled with icons, motiffs and color.

Why Autumn

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Autumn has not traditionally been a common wedding season, but it is growing more popular for many reasons.

  • Beauty: The natural beauty of fall foliage can be a bold wedding palette. Couples can coordinate their bridal party dresses, wedding flowers, invitations, and other accents with a range of stunning fall shades. Furthermore, Mother Nature sets a beautiful background for fall wedding photos and outdoor decorations.
  • Cost: Because autumn is not a traditional wedding season, many vendors and locations offer less expensive wedding rates from late August through early November. Couples planning a wedding on a small budget can find great deals in the fall.
  • Uniqueness: Instead of a classic spring or summer wedding, couples planning fall weddings can be more creative and unique with their choice of colors, menus, and accents. This is a great option for less traditional couples who still want a memorable event but with more personalization and creativity.

Ideas for Autumn Theme Weddings

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There are many beautiful options for fall theme weddings, from classic, elegant affairs to more whimsical choices.

  • Colors: The rich colors of fall are the most popular wedding theme. Couples can choose from foliage hues of gold, brown, burgundy, yellow, and orange or may opt for more unique choices such as a rich deep purple or dusky sage green. Metallics such as gold, copper, bronze, and pewter are also perfect for fall, either as accents or stronger parts of the wedding palette.
  • Harvest: A harvest fall wedding theme highlights the season's bounty. Gourds, pumpkins, and apples are the most common accents, and a couple may use all of them or choose just one to highlight. Hay bales, nuts, and ripe grains are also popular with a harvest theme.
  • Vineyard: A more modern take on a harvest theme is a vineyard wedding. Many local vineyards are available for rent for special events, and couples can use grapes and wine as accents in the wedding. Miniature wine bottles are the perfect fall wedding favors for a vineyard event.
  • Halloween: A whimsical option for autumn weddings is to plan the perfect Halloween wedding. Orange, purple, and black are classic Halloween colors, and the bride may choose to wear a black wedding dress or a gown with gothic accents. Jack-o-lanterns make fun centerpieces, and couples may even choose to host a costume reception.
  • Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving is another autumn holiday that is perfect for weddings, particularly for a smaller family event. A hearty meal and decorations that include pilgrim and Native American accents can create a wedding to be thankful for.
  • Leaves: The beautiful foliage of fall can be coordinated for stunning autumn theme weddings. A couple may choose to use just one type of leaf - oak and maple are popular choices - as their primary accent, or they may combine different leaves for a more varied theme. Leaves can line the wedding aisle, be part of centerpieces, or be used in garlands or other decorations. Fall wedding cake leaves are particularly unique and beautiful.
  • Western: A western wedding theme is a fun way to celebrate a fall event. A couple could choose a restored barn as their wedding location and include rustic details such as country wedding favors, a barbeque menu, or even riding horseback for their event.
  • Hunting: A couple who enjoys hunting may prefer a hunting wedding theme to celebrate autumn nuptials. A hunting groom's cake can be a tasty dessert, and the bride may choose a camouflage wedding dress or other hunting details as part of her attire.
  • Football: Football fans will enjoy a fall wedding with a football theme. Team colors can be part of the wedding palette, the wedding cake or groom's cake could be shaped like a football, and miniature personalized footballs are fun wedding favors. A tag football game can even be part of the wedding reception or rehearsal dinner activities to cheer on the happy couple.
  • Pioneer: A rustic pioneer theme is another suitable choice for fall events. A simple peasant wedding dress or other modest design is perfect, and the couple can incorporate harvest or country accents into their decorations. A barn dance, potluck, or other simple reception is also a great choice.

More Fall Wedding Tips

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With so many options for autumn themes, it is easy for couples to overdo their wedding details. For a beautiful fall wedding…

  • Stick with only one or two coordinated accents for a fall theme. Simplicity is stylish, and overdoing the theme can make it seem contrived.
  • Prepare for unpredictable weather and temperatures when choosing a wedding location and attire. Have backup options for rainy weather or dropping temperatures, while still being able to enjoy the last heat of summer.
  • Use natural decorations as backdrops for the wedding ceremony, reception, and photos. You've planned a fall wedding - make sure you capture the season's beauty!
  • Suggest seasonal activities your out of town guests will enjoy. Touring an orchard, visiting a corn maze, or taking a scenic drive can help them enjoy the season you've selected for your celebration.

Create Your Ideal Fall Wedding

Autumn theme weddings can be rich and beautiful or creative and whimsical. By choosing an appropriate fall theme and coordinating your wedding with the season, you will have a memorable and stylish event to celebrate.

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