Are Roses or Peonies More Expensive?

A multi-colored bridal bouquet of roses

One question you may have when planning for the flowers in your wedding ceremony is, "Are roses or peonies more expensive?" While you want to have the most gorgeous flowers available, you may also have a strict budget to follow for your floral purchases.


In general, peonies are more expensive than roses. This is not always the case, however, because it can vary widely depending on several factors.


Peonies have notoriously short seasons of being in bloom. Some people feel that this makes these flowers even more special beyond their physical beauty, and this makes them a popular choice among brides and grooms.

Roses are more commonly available and therefore are oftentimes less expensive to purchase during off-season times than peonies can be. The season in which the wedding takes place has a huge effect on the cost of the flowers for the bouquet, boutonnieres, and decorations. For this reason, couples on a budget should talk with the wedding florist to find out which flowers are actually in season and readily available on the wedding day.

Ask your florist, "Are roses or peonies more expensive during the season when we're getting married?" This simple question can save couples quite a bit of money.


There is not one single species of roses or peonies. While one type of rose may be extremely common and inexpensive, a rare species may be harder to find and therefore more expensive than a more common type of peony.Take into consideration the rarity of the particular rose or peony you want for your wedding. There is no absolute rule of thumb as to which flower is more expensive, especially when couples delve into the realm of seeking out rare species of either flower.


Both roses and peonies have naturally occurring colors that can be breathtaking and dramatic. Most couples want a particular color or set of colors for the wedding flowers, whether or not the color actually occurs naturally with the flowers they use.The cost of flowers increases when couples desire rare colors or request synthetic color alterations to match the wedding colors. This added expense can change the dynamic of the bouquet, making otherwise inexpensive roses more costly than peonies. Of course, the cost of an already-expensive peony will increase exponentially if color alterations need to be made, especially since peonies are not nearly as hearty as roses.

Bride holding a simple peony bouquet


Flowers that are locally available may potentially cost less than other flowers, even if the locally-grown flower is usually quite expensive. This means that even though peonies may usually be more expensive, if they are more readily available in your local area than roses this means the roses might actually cost more because of the additional costs associated with transporting the flowers.

Beyond Are Roses or Peonies More Expensive

While it is true that budget-minded couples should take overall costs into consideration, there are other questions that should be considered:

  • Which flower does the couple like the best? If you have a passion for peonies but can't afford a full peony bouquet, think of alternatives like a smaller bouquet or a peony bouquet augmented with other types of less expensive flowers.
  • How many flowers do you need? Since peonies are usually larger than roses you can get away with using fewer flowers with a peony bouquet than with a rose bouquet. Fewer flowers may wind up saving you money overall even though you used a more expensive flower.
  • Are flowers truly the most important thing to focus your attention on? While most couples want to have gorgeous flowers to accompany their special day, try to not focus so much on one flower over another. Remember: You could walk down the aisle with a bunch of radishes in your hands but in the end you still wind up married to the person you love.

Are roses or peonies more expensive? The answer depends on many factors, but couples who consider those factors carefully will find themselves with a budget-friendly solution and flowers they love.

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Are Roses or Peonies More Expensive?