Ardenwood Wedding Photos

Photo of the Patterson Mansion at Ardenwood

Your wedding photos taken at Ardenwood will be cherished forever, thanks to this impressive location. The romantic Victorian house backdrop at this historic farm makes the perfect wedding photo opportunity.

What Is Ardenwood?

Ardenwood is a historic preserve in Northern California, named after a forest found in a Shakespeare play. Founded by George Patterson, a gold miner turned wealthy farmer, Ardenwood has remained frozen in time for generations. Visiting the acreage, you can explore a 19th century mansion, take a walk through the gardens, and witness horse-drawn carriages and women in Victorian dress. Most importantly, it has become a premier spot for weddings and receptions.

Perfect Ardenwood Wedding Photos

While the historic preserve itself does not offer photographers as part of their wedding package, it is simple enough to find a person who knows how to effectively shoot this gorgeous locale. Visiting a website such as Bay Area A List, or Hagop's Photography, can provide you with expert photographers who are accustomed to photographing in the area.

When looking for the perfect person to shoot your Ardenwood wedding photos, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Have you seen his portfolio? You should have some sort of proof he/she has shot at the locations he claims. You don't want your wedding day to be his rookie run!
  • Does he specialize in weddings? A portrait photographer is extremely different from a wedding photographer. Make sure he has experience in the genre of photography you need.
  • Has he shot nature? Ardenwood is full of gorgeous landscaping and nature-based locales you will want to capture for your wedding album. If your photographer looks cross-eyed at a farm or forest environment, it might be time to move onto the next contender.
Groom kissing his bride outside on the porch

Once you find your dream photographer, be sure to make a list of places you would like him to be sure to take photos. This list can include pre-wedding snapshots, ceremony and reception requests, and post-wedding memories. Some distinct areas and features of Ardenwood you may want to have on your list include:

  • Historic Patterson mansion
  • Victorian Bridal Suite
  • Various garden areas
  • Wooded reception setting
  • Horse-drawn carriages throughout the property
  • Ceremony gazebo
  • Mansion lawn

Trial Run

Consider visiting Ardenwood a few times before the big day, observing the lighting and features of the area during the same time frame as when your wedding will be taking place. Is there a tree that silhouettes perfectly in a sunset? Do you love the idea of your flower girls playing in the wooded gardens? Whatever you see that catches your eye, jot it down and give it to your photographer so you can make sure your Ardenwood wedding photos are exactly what you hoped for. If you are hoping to get a lot of photos of your guests, consider placing disposable cameras on each reception table. Your photographer will be busy with you, your wedding party, and key moments of the reception and ceremony. Allowing your guests to be their own Ardenwood photographers will provide you with even more special memories to cherish.

Ardenwood is a picturesque wedding venue, and by choosing the right photographer with appropriate experience and giving them tips about what you would like your Ardenwood wedding photos to include, you can be sure you will have lovely images to spark memories through many happy anniversaries.

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Ardenwood Wedding Photos