Apple Themed Wedding

apple themed head table centerpiece

A wedding with an apple theme works well at an outdoor venue. An apple theme nuptial is a wonderful choice since it isn't forced or overdone. If you grow apples or live in a region known for growing apples, this is a very appropriate wedding theme.

Wedding Colors for an Apple Theme

Apples come in a variety of shades, many of which can be seen on the fruits themselves. Bright red delicious apples are vibrant, while granny smiths are a pale yellow-green. Hues on other varieties, like honeycrisp and braeburn, often range from light yellow to green to pink to red.

Choose the wedding color scheme that fits into your vision of an apple theme the best. Some couples may want to focus on the vivid red colors, while others may want to have a green colored wedding. Many choose to focus on one main color and add in touches of pink, greens and yellows.

Keep in mind when you pick wedding colors for an apple theme wedding that you are not just limited to the color of the fruits themselves. Apple blooms are pretty pink and white and the stems and leaves offer up brown and bright green as accent options. Select the colors within the apple theme realm and you have a wonderful palate upon which to build the rest of your themed wedding.

Apple Theme Wedding Ideas

The amount of apple ideas you incorporate into your wedding theme depends on whether you want a subtle hint of apples throughout the wedding, or if you want your guests to feel like they are in the midst of an apple orchard. Of course, for the ultimate apple wedding, consider hosting it at an actual apple orchard. Other outdoor locations include barns, backyards and gardens. Bringing the apple theme indoors might take a little more decoration to bring it to life, but is still possible for anyone who loves apples.


In an apple theme wedding, bridesmaids can don the apple colored dress of the bride and groom's choice. As the bride, your wedding gown may have embroidered apple blossoms on the bodice or train, or you may even wear a sash that matches the apple hue of the bridesmaids' dresses. Groomsmen and ushers can wear a vest and tie in a complementary or matching color to the bridesmaids' dresses.


Including apple blossoms in the bouquets and floral arrangements is a subtle way of including the theme in the flowers. However, for a more overt look, consider adding small faux sugared apples to bouquets. These same pieces can be hung from topiaries or placed on metallic skewers and used in floral arrangements. At a fall wedding, apples can be part of a fruit harvest centerpiece on an altar or the head table.


Apples are meant to be eaten, so bring the apple theme full circle by including it into your reception meal. Ideas for apple dishes can come from the wedding caterer, but might include:

  • Waldorf salad
  • Chocolate and apple fondue appetizers
  • Apple glazed pork
  • Spiced apple cake flavor

Apples can also be a part of the evening's drinks. Have apple juice and apple cider on hand as non-alcoholic options for guests, and serve up apple martinis at the bar as the signature cocktail of the evening.


Apple decorations can go beyond floral arrangements. Consider having small apple saplings brought in to flank the ceremony and reception doors. Include plastic apples in the center of pew bows, or pile apples into large buckets or baskets at the end of each row of seating.

green apple place card

Instead of having a monogram spotlight on the dance floor, project the image of an apple tree full of fruit or a large barrel of apples. Use plain table cloths in your wedding colors and use fabric napkins and chair bows with apple graphics.

The wedding reception centerpieces can be as simple as apple-shaped candles on mirrors or as elaborate as an apple shaped cake for the table to cut themselves.


Finally, give all of your guests an apple theme favor from the wedding. Bookmarkers, wine bottle corks, candles and even apple shaped cookie cutters are simple apple wedding favors. Packets of apple seeds, small gift certificates to a local orchard or caramel apples are also good choices for a favor that completes the apple theme wedding.

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