African American Wedding Clipart


Clipart for an African American wedding can have an important impact on some wedding projects. Many couples want to include clipart that celebrates their heritage as a way to personalize their wedding.

Choosing African American Clipart

An African American or biracial couple will want to use wedding clipart that reflects their culture and heritage rather than choosing images that do not resemble them or their preferences. This is a great way to personalize wedding stationary and other projects with an individual and authentic touch that is beautiful, appealing, and appropriate. By choosing this specialized type of clipart, a couple shows their pride in their race, culture, and relationship as well as takes charge of the look and feel of their festivities instead of simply opting for easier to find, more generic images.

Wedding Clipart Uses

Wedding clipart of any variety can be used in a number of ways, including:

  • Pre-Wedding Correspondence: Before the wedding, a couple may use clipart to create save-the-date cards, enhance a wedding website, or adorn a wedding newsletter.
  • Wedding Stationary: Invitations, programs, wedding thank you notes, the guest book, and other specialized wedding stationary can easily be personalized with clipart.
  • Mementos: A couple can also use clipart to personalize wedding mementos such as a photo album or scrapbook about their special day.

Whatever a couple chooses clipart for, choosing racially appropriate wedding clipart to reflect their backgrounds will make the projects more meaningful and suitable.

LoveToKnow Free African American Wedding Clip Art

You can download each piece of clip art as a pdf, download all the African American clip art in one pdf, or simply right click on the images below and choose "Save As..." to save them to your hard drive.

Types of African American Wedding Clipart

There are several types of clipart that can be used to embody an African American or biracial relationship. Popular options include:

  • Religious Clipart: An African American priest or angel is a lovely image choice for religious wedding needs.
  • Bride and Groom Clipart: Both individuals may be African American or the clipart may feature individuals of different races, but bride and groom images frequently portray the couple in classic wedding actions such as cutting the cake, exchanging rings, kissing, or walking down the aisle. More traditional clipart may also show African American nuptial traditions such as jumping the broom. The couple may be wearing classic western wedding attire or could be clothed in more traditional African ceremonial garb.
  • Individual Clipart: A solitary image of the bride or groom can often be found for different skin colors and with different levels of artistry or detail.
  • Cultural Clipart: If an African American couple wishes to incorporate African culture into their wedding decorations, they could choose from multiple images of African kente cloth, national flags, tribal masks, and other cultural symbols.

Race Neutral Alternatives

Couples may have difficulty finding African American clipart that meets their needs. When images are not available, a couple could consider choosing more neutral clipart images that can be used for many types of weddings, such as:

  • Bibles, crosses, churches, or other religious symbols
  • Doves, hearts, and other traditional peace and love symbols
  • Wedding imagery such as rings, a bouquet, cakes, bells, flowers, or limousines

While these images may not be specifically African American, they can be combined with cultural images to convey both the romance of the wedding as well as the couple's cultural and racial heritage.

Finding African American Clipart Resources

Sources of African American clipart can be difficult to find. Couples can search through galleries of free wedding clipart for images that meet their needs, or they can consider more limited resources that offer a few specialized images such as:

  • This collection includes couples in traditional African wedding attire, a black hand with an engagement ring, and African American ring bearer and more.
  • iStock by Getty Images: You'll find various images of African American brides and grooms, as well as clipart for couples of different races and some same-sex wedding images. Clipart here is available on a pay-to-download basis, and prices vary.

Even when images are available, the skin color, clothing, or other details may be incorrect, but couples could consider altering the images slightly to better reflect their preferences. Beware of copyright violations with these types of alterations, however. Another option is to choose subscription clipart services that have more extensive collections that may provide a better range of African American images to select from.

Enhance Your Wedding Communications With Clipart

Adding African American wedding clipart to wedding stationary, websites, and other projects can turn ordinary items into highly personalized, culturally relevant accessories perfect for a couple to celebrate their special day while also celebrating their culture and racial heritage.

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